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By Jason Rhody Several projects funded by NEH’s Office of Digital Humanities have been featured in t [...]

Users are now able to create audio and video playlists with WordPress 3.9. They work as a shortcode, [...]

The Art & Science of Curation is a project which explores ideas around Curation and the role of [...]

Botanics Magazine (Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh) Journal of the Marine Biological Association of [...]

One of the themes covered in CFM’s TrendsWatch 2014 report is the power of big data and data analyti [...]

Online Resources for Archaeological Research Workshop: This workshop will introduce archaeological r [...]

An Analytical Onomasticon to the Metamorphoses of OvidWILLARD MCCARTY, with MONICA MATTHEWS, AARA SU [...]

PhD Studentship in Digital Humanities / Information ManagementSalary Range: Stipend and fees Post ty [...]

Guest post by Maria Drabczyk, National Audiovisual Institute, Poland A pilot competition for the bes [...]

ieldran, the Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery Mapping Project, is officially live and can be found here: i [...]

On 12 February 2014, the UKB has promised her support to the SCOAP3 project. UKB is the Dutch consor [...]

Dear Melbourne DH folk, Following the DHA 2014 conference in Perth, a group of us are keen to start [...]

Taylor & Francis Green OA Self-Archiving Policy is just fine for OA needs: 3.2 Retained rights I [...]

The following is a guest post from Jane Mandelbaum, co-chair of the National Digital Stewardship All [...]

Heidelberger historische Bestände: Archäologische Literatur – digital Zu den Beständen des Sondersam [...]

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Dorothea Salo on “What libraries are doing a librarian re-skilling program?”

Well, hm. Hoping I’m not threadjacking here! At Madison, continuing ed (CE) is a separate dealio from the graduate programs, though there’s some overlap in teaching staff (such as me, obviously). This gives CE a LOT more flexibility than the grad progr… [...]


In the news: Countdown for the “Mayan apocalypse”

Mesoamerican | Polychrome vase | Kerr Archive;

As you’ve probably heard, people across the world have been worrying that the world will end on December 21, 2012, influenced by some recent interpretations of Popol Vuh, a 16th-century narrative about the origins, traditions, and history of the Maya nation. Thankfully, NASA scientists recently debunked this and other apocalyptic predictions.

But [...]


Improved Visualization: Comparing Queries

Recently, I began working on improved analytical mechanisms for coin hoards in Numishare.  These have not yet been completed (and so I will post about them later), but I put hoard work on hold for a few days to implement improved analyses for coin… [...]


The Christianization of the Peloponnese: Bibliography

Type Web Page Author Rebecca Sweetman URL … [...]


Art Books and eBooks: A Difficult Conversation?

In late September, I participated in “Art Books & Ebooks: A Difficult Conversation?” an event hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, organized by Ross Day, Collections Development Librarian at the Met, and focused on the future of books, e-books, and museum publishing in a digital age. Participants reflected on the changing environment for publishing and collections development and management, focusing on how monographs in the field of art and art history fit into or are exceptions to these broader patterns of change. 



mdalmau on “What libraries are doing a librarian re-skilling program?”

Following on Dorothea’s continuing education courses model, are these courses at all structured to accommodate the working realities of library professional staff? Our library school offers courses, semester-long and workshops, but what we are advocat… [...]


National Archives Announces Grant Awards for Historical Records Digitization Projects

The National Archives has announced its grant awards for historical records projects, including those for digitization and electronic records management and preservation. Here’s an excerpt from the press release: Digitizing historical records grants, totaling $420,000, went to four projects: the University of Florida will digitize and make available more than 36,000 pages of diaries and […] [...]


CAAUK Call for Papers Extension

At the request of a few, we have recently extended the deadline for abstract submissions for papers and posters to 17th December 2012. You can find the Call for Papers here: . If interested, please submit an abstract of … Continue reading [...]


Live Stream: An Ecology for Digital Scholarship (Jason M. Kelly), Tuesday 4 December

Digital History seminar An Ecology for Digital Scholarship Jason M. Kelly (IUPUI) Tuesday 4 December, 5.15pm (GMT) Twitter tag: #dhist

Location: Bedford Room G37, Senate house, South block, Ground floor, 5:15 pm (GMT)


Tonight’s live stream:

In 1969, Marshall McLuhan wrote that ‘the literati find the new electronic environment far more threatening than do [...]