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Rebecca sat down next to me at breakfast and asked, “How was the hike yesterday?”  I replied, “Good. [...]

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It’s that time again! The annual Digital Humanities conference schedule has been released, and this [...]

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Elsevier wants to shut down the free web. Scholars and librarians – time to shut down Elsevier instead?

January 02, 2012 - Elsevier is one of the companies on gizmodo‘s list of companies supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act, arguably the worst proposal to date for the internet, allowing a company to shut down whole services based on a single claim of infringement.

Until Elsevier publicly disavows support for SOPA, I recommend that all authors stop contributing to SOPA, and that librarians rank all Elsevier products highly on their cancellation lists. Perhaps university academic freedom committees should direct libraries to cancel all purchases and subscriptions from publishers supporting this move which would in effect be censorship and hence completely inconsistent with academic freedom?


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