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LoCloud is a Best Practice Network of 32 partners, co-funded under the CIP ICT-PSP Programme of the [...]

More and more of us are moving to tools such as Google Apps for Educators, Chromebooks, and mobile d [...]

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Benjamin ŠTULAR (Institute of archaeology, Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, Slovenia) Purpose: U [...]

Alexander A. MALAFEEV (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia) Stormy developme [...]

Andrey V. BIRIUKOV, Michail A. RODIONOV (Samara Branch of Higher School of Privatization and Enterpr [...]

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Vladimir I. IONESOV (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia) The Bronze Age was [...]

Chair: Masha VUKANOVIC, Serbia Finding, processing and preserving cultural heritage could be seen as [...]

Anatoly V. MALAFEEV / Galina I. ZABOLOTNI / Vladimir I. IONESOV (Samara Branch of Moscow State Unive [...]

Mohamed EL AMROUSI (United Arab Emirates University) Museums as architectural manifestations of elit [...]

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This post is by Sarah McSeveny-Åril, senior advisor digital cultural heritage at the Arts Council Eu [...]

The show was awash in quick, smart wisecracks, not to mention cultural references that ran the gamut [...]

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New book from Europeana’s Scientific Coordinator

Antoine Isaac, Europeana's Scientific Coordinator, has collaborated on the production of a new book on the semantic web for libraries.

The book, written in French, presents the different technological components that make up the semantic web. It explains what makes this technology relevant for libraries, especially in terms of interoperability, openness, and the way existing practices and data can be made to serve new usage scenarios and services for these institutions. The book is illustrated by a series of use cases: publishing RDF data, enriching web pages with semantic mark-up, and aggregating data on the Linked Open Data cloud or in a Linked Enterprise Data setting.

Antoine says, 'The book builds on a range of implementation and training activities that we've carried out mainly in France, as well as many seminars, papers and projects that we have put together over time. Emanuelle Bermès was the lead author and myself and Gautier Poupeau were co-authors under her supervision. I am extremely happy to have taken part of this project as I've been working for quite a while with the community that tries to apply semantic web technology in the library area. More precisely, I've been involved at W3C in the making of SKOS, which is a piece of technology that is quite important for what we want to do. I've also been co-chairing the W3C Incubator Group on Library Linked Data with Emanuelle.'

Interested? You can buy the book in hard copy or ebook from Electre La Boutique.


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