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News from the Cuneiform Digital Library Notes (CDLN)

From Agade

We are pleased to announce major changes to the Cuneiform Digital Library Notes (CDLN). As of October 2013, Klaus Wagensonner has assumed editorial command of the CDLN. The first visible outcome is a complete redesign of the Notes, adding to its user-friendliness. There will be still a main page, which provides a full inventory of the notes. A menu allows quick access to the various notes as well as technical information and links.

The publication practices of the CDLN remain unchanged. New submissions will appear in preprint status four times a year (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1; notices of new submissions will be made to this list) and are clearly marked as such. During the preprint period, authors will be able to make small, non-substantive changes (e.g., typographical errors) to their submissions. After two weeks, these submissions are then archived.

We would like to take this opportunity to draw the attention to the publication of several new contributions to the CDLN:

CDLN 2014:001
Jacob L. Dahl, The proto-Elamite seal MDP 16, pl. XII fig. 198
CDLN 2014:002
Zsombor Földi, The Sad Story of a Sumerian Statue: The Destruction of Šū-Suen 7
CDLN 2014:003
Alexandra Kleinerman, A new “Letter to the Generals”
CDLN 2014:004
Robert K. Englund, Seals and Sealing in CDLI files

The CDLN, together with its sister publications Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin (CDLB; <>) and Cuneiform Digital Library Journal (CDLJ; <>), are peer-reviewed publications that offer a persistent web presence under the auspices of the University of California system. As e-journals, the delay between submission and publication well below that of academic print journals, while the interaction with cuneiform artifacts documented in the CDLI database offers obvious strengths for an interactive discourse. Authors should expect a two to four month interval between submission of a draft text with illustrations and its publication for substantive contributions to the CDLJ, at most two months for those made to the Bulletin, and approximately two weeks for the Notes that are conceived as an online venue for NABU-style communications that can include short philological or lexicographical contributions as well as regular updates of a more substantial nature describing the background or progress of, in particular, web-based research efforts.

For submission guidelines including technicalities regarding bibliographical citations etc. please consult the information at <>.

Scholars are encouraged to send contributions to the CDLN at <>.

On behalf of the CDLI
Jacob L. Dahl and Klaus Wagensonner 
University of Oxford


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