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Wordless Wednesday: Terra Forma


#BLDGBLOG #LandArt #UnRealEstate #Nevada Follow the link in the photo caption to find out more. You can find more glimpses of the future (and links to associated articles) on CFM’s Pinterest Boards. 

Europeana Labs Business Models Workshop


A couple of weeks ago, before the 2nd eCreative Challenges event in Barcelona, we had the chance to gather the different partners at Fabra i Coats, a big space where Platoniq has its city headquarters. We held an intense workshop in order to brainstorm and be inspired about sustainable business models for Europeana Labs. Co-facilitated between Platoniq and Kennisland, the sessions began with strategic presentations from Europeana about the current development of the project, followed […]

Wikimedia Individual Engagement Grants


Dear all, Some members of the community may be interested in applying for Wikimedia Individual Engagement Grants proposals. Please see below for details: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IEG Projects that might get support include: * TEI XML / wikisource converters (see https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikisource for the 63 supported languages) * migrating legacy repositories of minority language(s) into wikisource * spelling / grammar support for minority language(s) in the new visual wikipedia editor (287 languages) * translating wiki training materials and running workshops […]

Announcing a digital humanities project in descriptive bibliography (long)


Dear members of Exlibris-L, SHARP-L, and TEI-L As many of you know, I have researching the writings of Edmond Hoyle for several years with the expectation of publishing a descriptive bibliography. It will include descriptions of approximately 200 books and a number of essays in bibliography and book history relating to Hoyle’s work. Recently I decided that I wanted to publish the descriptions incrementally on the web before publishing the book. The decision led me […]

Career Opportunities at the MLA


Career Opportunities at the MLA http://commons.mla.org/careers/  Open Opportunities Director of Information Systems The Modern Language Association seeks a Director of Information Systems to establish and oversee the association’s technical vision. Under the supervision of the executive director, the director manages the operating environment and drives operational efficiencies, collaborates with colleagues on new product innovation and development, and aligns the association’s technology strategy with its mission by implementing and managing reliable and scalable technology infrastructure, applications, […]

Maynooth University hiring a Technology Officer


Excellent opportunity for a talented and committed developer to join a growing team at Maynooth University’s Digital Humanities centre, An Foras Feasa. The successful candidate will play a central role on a variety of digital humanities projects, including Letters of 1916 and Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. We seek a team player who would like to work with a variety of creative people who are committed to promoting and extending digital scholarship. […]

Is it Real? Artwork, Authenticity… and Cognitive Science


A farmer says he has had the same ax his whole life–he only changed the handle three times and head two times. Does he have the same ax? This question launches Howard Mansfield’s fascinating book about historic restoration, The Same Ax, Twice. Mansfield explores the sanctity and lineage of historic sites, from Japanese Shinto shrines (completely rebuilt 61 times in 1300 years), to igloos (rebuilt annually, oldest documented human dwelling), to the USS Constitution (80-90% […]

How would you know if you are wrong?


I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been busy running a bunch of research projects, and I’m teaching a new grad seminar on theory in archaeology. We’ve finished with the epistemology part of the class (what is theory? how to you construct a good argument? what is an explanation? how should you use analogy?), and have started on the theory part. We are focusing on theory that can be applied archaeologically, and on how one goes […]

Carmina Latina Epigraphica Hispaniae


Carmina Latina Epigraphica Hispaniae Portal de poesía epigráfica latina: búsquedas icónicas y textuales- Latin epigraphic poetry database: iconographic and textual searches C. Fernández Martínez, J. Gómez Pallarès, J. del Hoyo Calleja, editores. En 1964, Hans Krummrey, insatisfecho con los diversos criterios de las ediciones y colecciones de Carmina Latina Epigraphica (CLE) que le habían precedido, lanzó la idea de una nueva clasificación de estos CLE en un volumen independiente del Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL), el […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #564


A nice batch of Open Access (free to read) articles: Quantitative approaches to the remote sensing of ancient settlements in the Near East using ASTER and SRTM datahttp://bit.ly/ZseZGE Sotin-Jaroši, Archaeological Trial Excavations in 2009 http://bit.ly/ZseXi5 Catalogue of the Exhibition of Ancient Helmets and Examples of Mailhttp://bit.ly/18TQ0PY Notice of Two Cists on the Farm of Antabreck, North Ronaldsay, Orkney.http://bit.ly/16kekbA Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK

What Does it Take to Be a Well-rounded Digital Archivist?


The following is a guest post from Peter Chan, a Digital Archivist at the Stanford University Libraries. Peter Chan I am a digital archivist at Stanford University. A couple of years ago, Stanford was involved in the AIMS project, which jump-started Stanford’s thinking about the role of a “digital archivist.” The project ended in 2011 and I am the only digital archivist hired as part of the project that is still on the job on […]

Records of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Excavations of the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Sites in the Kharga Oasis


Records of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Excavations of the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Sites in the Kharga Oasis About this collection The Records of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Excavations of the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Sites in the Kharga Oasis collection comprises administrative paperwork; concession papers; correspondence; field notes; glass plate negatives; large-scale architectural drawings, site plans, and tracings; photographs (attached to boards and loose); and sketches documenting the Metropolitan Museum […]

Ernst Herzfeld Papers from The Metropolitan Museum’s Department of Islamic Art


Ernst Herzfeld Papers from The Metropolitan Museum’s Department of Islamic Art – First Series Online “Ernst Emil Herzfeld (1879-1948) was a German archaeologist, philologist, geographer and historian in the field of Near Eastern Studies. A formidable figure in Central European scholarship during the early twentieth century, his major contributions include archaeological excavations at Samarra (Iraq), Pasargadae, Persepolis and Kuh-i Khwaja (Iran); architectural surveys of Damascus, Northern Syria, and Mesopotamia; mapping of remote regions in Kurdistan […]

Digital Ethics


Lately, I’ve been contemplating the next phase of my digital scholarship.  Currently, I am working on revamping Imbiza (from 1.0 to 2.0) and helping test the beta-version of the KORA plugin.  But, as I’ve discussed previously on my personal blog, some people might be surprised to discover that South African football is not the focus of my own personal research, although it features prominently in my digital presence:  as, obviously, the focus of Imbiza, the […]

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