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What’s a Good CEO Worth?


This is part three in an ongoing series of essays sharing my thoughts on museum economics, training and compensation. Catch up with parts one (The Museum Sacrifice Measure) and two (What is the Fair Market Value of a Museum Job). I had intended to tackle “how museums can make jobs ‘fair’” or the economics & ethics of internships next, but I got sidetracked by the article I discuss below. I’ll return to those topics in […]


Open Knowledge Foundation joins Europeana Space


It will provide support and tools about the possibility of re-use of public domain and open content Open Knowledge is a nonprofit organisation that promotes open knowledge, including open content and open data. With such great credentials it seemed natural for Open Knowledge to participate in the Europeana Space project to cooperate on WP3 – The Content Space. Continue reading →


New Open Access Book: Israel and the Assyrians Deuteronomy the Succession Treaty of Esarhaddon and the Nature of Subversion, by C. L. Crouch


Just appeared in ANCIENT NEAR EAST MONOGRAPHS / MONOGRAFIAS SOBRE EL ANTIGUO CERCANO ORIENTE Israel and the Assyrians: Deuteronomy, the Succession Treaty of Esarhaddon, and the Nature of Subversion  Was Deuteronomy created to be a subversive text based on Assyian treaties?In this new book Crouch focuses on Deuteronomy’s subversive intent, asking what would be required in order for Deuteronomy to successfully subvert either a specific Assyrian source or Assyrian ideology more generally. The book reconsiders […]


Hear from the creator of Flickr Commons! Introducing UKMW14’s opening keynote…


The Museums Computer Group are delighted to announce George Oates as the opening keynote speaker at UKMW14. As the creator of Flickr Commons, she’s had a huge impact on the cultural sector. As if that wasn’t enough, her wider experience has given her an international and interdisciplinary perspective on design and technology, and a sense of which developments in the digital world are important for audiences. With a wave of her magic wand, her keynote […]


Flight 20141013 – Flying South


Qasr Mshatta under cloud – © APAAME_20141013_REB-0028 The second day of the season started with good weather and permission to go south and be allowed access to Qasr Mshatta (an Islamic hunting lodge) now situated on the north edge of the runway at Queen Alia International airport. Unfortunately on arrival the site was cloud-covered but we were welcomed by a wonderful waft of bread being baked in the nearby factory. We moved on south to […]


The Green Book, Jim Crow, and historical thinking


It’s always a good day when you get the chance to learn something new. Today was a good day. Today I learned about an incredible primary source called the Green Book. As a lover of history and collector of primary sources, the Green Book is both incredibly interesting and incredibly depressing at the same time. Interesting because it’s such a rich primary source. Depressing because it was needed. The full title of the book is […]


Another Greek update: Forty-six more manuscripts online!


It’s time for a monthly progress report on our Greek Manuscripts Digitisation Project, generously funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and many others, including the A. G. Leventis Foundation, Sam Fogg, the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, the Thriplow Charitable Trust, and the Friends of the British Library. There are some very…


Open Access Archaeology Digest #570


Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles for anyone and everyone: A highland longhouse – Lianach, Balquhidder, Perthshirehttp://bit.ly/12jWmBK The Story of the Fabrication of the ‘Coffin-Plate’ said to have been found in the Tomb of King Robert Bruce in Dunfermline Abbey.http://bit.ly/104HdTU Remarks upon the Worthies of Devonhttp://bit.ly/122WxAx Excavations at Caergwrle Castle, Clwyd, North Wales: 1988-1990http://bit.ly/1fObvCB Notes on Jutish art in Kent between 450 and 575http://bit.ly/14mftPA Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


Open Access Journal: Hadeeth ad-Dar


Hadeeth ad-Dar Hadeeth ad-Dar is a quarterly publication of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah (DAI) driven by the DAI Cultural Season.  Every season select authors, specialists, and scholars from the world’s leading academic and cultural institutions are invited to give a lecture on some aspect of Islamic art and/or culture.  These lectures are edited for print and then published in Hadeeth ad-Dar. The first issue of Hadeeth ad-Dar was published in 1994, midway through the first […]


Open Access Journal: TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism


[Posted in AWOL 22 December 2010. Updated 13 October 2014] TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual CriticismISSN 1089-7447 TC is an online publication of the SBL and is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals. Users are permitted to download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of all TC articles. Articles may not be reproduced without permission. TC publishes full-length scholarly articles, shorter notes, project reports, and reviews of works […]


5 steps for converting a minivan into the perfect archaeology vehicle


A few weeks ago, while hauling my kids to a community archaeology project at 4AM, I realized that my minivan would make the perfect CRM archaeology field vehicle. With a few modifications, I could turn this old “baby hauler” into a cultural resource management archaeology beast– a petrol-fueled behemoth of comfort and productivity. It would […]


Maptime Berlin: what was/what will be


In the middle of September the first Maptime Berlin took place. I was totally amazed to see so many people sitting there, being interested in mapping, opensource, cartography and software. At least 40 people from different places of the world with different background (sociology, coding, styling, etc.) met at the Supermarkt Berlin (an open place to work together) to share their knowledge and learn new stuff. Here just a few photos: Click to view slideshow. […]


Stage d’ecdotique. 16-20 février 2015


Posted for Guillaime Bady: Chères/chers collègues, Je vous annonce que le prochain stage d’ecdotique des Sources Chrétiennes aura lieu du 16 au 20 février 2015, avec une initiation à la paléographie le 15 février, et une table-ronde le 19 février, à laquelle je vous invite chaleureusement à participer. Vous trouverez en pièce jointe l’affiche du stage (le programme n’est pas encore disponible). Pour une présentation du stage: http://www.sourceschretiennes.mom.fr/formation/stage-ecdotique-stage-2015 Formulaire de préinscription: http://www.sourceschretiennes.mom.fr/webform/preinscription-stage-ecdotique-2015 Appel à contribution […]

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