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Elevator Pitch

Last week I had the pleasure of serving as facilitator at the first Mellon-funded Triangle Scholarly Communication Institute (SCI) in Chapel Hill. For the better part of the week five diverse teams of scholars, librarians, developers, and publishers came together to advance work on projects addressing challenges ranging from data visualization and virtual worlds to providing computational research access to large newspaper collections to building curriculum resources for understanding Sikh religion and culture. It was […]

Tom Scheinfeldt

3D Printed Lightswarm Transforms Yerba Buena Center: Swarm of lights respond to ambient noises


Something is changing at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in San Francisco, California. In fact, it’s perpetually changing — a light installation by Future Cities Lab (FCL) called Lightswarm is continually modified in relation to auditory data collected from the lobby of the YBCA and the city beyond. The individual modules that make up the sweeping collection of luminaries were each assembled from 3D printed components with laser cut skins created from […]

Hannah Rose Mendoza

Losing and Finding Legal Links


Imagine you’re a legal scholar and you’re examining the U.S. Supreme Court decisions of the late nineties to mid-two thousands and you want to understand what resources were consulted to support official opinions. A study in the Yale Journal of Law and Technology indicates you would find that only half of the nearly 555 URL links cited in Supreme Court opinions since 1996 would still work. This problem has been widely discussed in the media […]

Abbey Potter

The Met's Audio Guide, Now Available on Your Phone


Senior Mobile Manager Loic Tallon announces the launch of the Museum’s new Audio Guide web app, which allows visitors to access our 2,601 audio stops for free on their mobile devices.


On Philanthropy and Paternalism


I’m immersed in writing TrendsWatch 2015 for the rest of the month, which leaves limited bandwidth for blogging. For the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing brief thoughts, the kind of “here’s a 15 minute essay on why I think this story is interesting” I usually post in Monday Musings. Today’s quickie was inspired by this article in the New York Times: With Bold Park Plan, Mogul Hopes to Leave Mark on NewYork’s […]

The Alliance's Center for the Future of Museums

Ancestors are created every day


[NOTE: This post is not about my friend Chris Webster. He is alive and well] Chris, my good friend of 20 years, died today. He was 36 years old and leaves behind a wife and two kids in preschool. Dying that young shouldn’t have happened. Leaving behind a wonderful wife and young children should not […]


Open Access Archaeology Digest #605


Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Reduction, raw materials and form: ground stone adzes from Ban Non Wat, Northeast Thailandhttp://bit.ly/1q1Cops Note on the Early Use of Aqua Vitae in Scotland.http://bit.ly/14HNdEg ‘The Girdlestanes’ and a neighbouring Stone Circle, in the Parish of Eskdalemuir, Dumfriesshire.http://bit.ly/12sdZSK Ancient Portraitures of Our Lord. After the type of the Emerald Vernicle given by Bajazet II to Pope Innocent VIII. (Notice Supplementary to a Memoir by Mr. C. W. King, Archaeological […]


Symbols, symbolism, and a sweet T-Chart


Just a quick post today about a very powerful strategy that’s pretty easy to integrate into your instruction. I had the privilege of sitting in on Scott’s 7th grade classroom last week when he used this activity with his kids. Scott and his kids had just started a unit on territorial Kansas and he wanted students to get a sense of the tension that was building at the time around the issue of slavery. His […]


geo.admin.ch: bringing Swiss geodata potential to life


A priorized project of eGovernment Switzerland Usage and exchange of geodata is fostered by geo.admin.ch in a significant way. The Federal geoportal is operated by the Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo, on behalf of the coordinating body for Federal geographical information with the aim to implement the Geoinformation Act. The purpose of this Act is to ensure that geodata relating to the territory of the Swiss Confederation is made available to the Federal, Cantonal and […]

David Oesch

Movement Across Disciplines: Inspiration from the Migration with Borders Conference at MSU

G4144.T89E63 1899.S75 2F

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend and chair a panel at the Migration Without Borders Conference here at Michigan State. I do not consider migration as a central theme of my work, nor I am particularly well versed in the historiography of migration beyond the books I read for my comp exams last year. I listened to papers on wide array of geographic areas, time periods, and disciplines. Often I find opportunities […]


Bibliothèque numérique Medic@


Bibliothèque numérique Medic@ Réalisée par le Service d’Histoire de la santé de la Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de santé, la collection Medic@ (ISSN : 1164-8678) réédite, sous forme électronique accessible gratuitement en ligne, des documents anciens appartenant pour la plupart au fonds de la bibliothèque : monographies, thèses, articles, périodiques, manuscrits. PDF La Politique documentaire de Medic@ PDF Medic@’s digitization policy Medic@ est structurée en séries, subdivisées en dossiers Le Corpus des médecins de l’Antiquité publie les […]

Charles Jones

New Ordnance Survey Digimap Licence Agreement


We are pleased to announce that a new Ordnance Survey licence agreement for Digimap is now available. The new End User Licence Agreement (EULA) can be viewed in the Digimap Help Pages. As part of the new licence arrangements, end users need to agree to the EULA to access the Ordnance Survey data through the Digimap Service. Initially this will need to be done every time you access the collection via a popup after you select an application, […]


Pro blog guidelines for contributors


We are always looking for interesting articles, case studies and news relating to digital cultural heritage. Do you have an idea? Then get in touch with Susan to discuss it and set a deadline for your submission. Once your idea is approved, please use the following guidelines to ensure your blog is Pro-ready. Image: The Wellcome Library CC BY Writing We believe in brevity. So keep it succinct. We do not give you a word […]

Susan Muthalaly
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