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Grail to the Thief stars a thief from the future named Hank Krang, who “recently had a self-aware ti [...]

I am not a fan of Adobe Flash, which is a closed, proprietary system that requires your users to ins [...]

Get some Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles here:[CERAMICS AND OBSIDIAN IN ISLAND SOUTH [...]

“We have about 850 graduates, and we have a professional photographer snapping their picture when th [...]

Humboldt University Nubian Expedition (in English)  – Humboldt-Universität Nubien Expedition (auf De [...]

EMINA: Egyptian Mummies in North America EMINA is a searchable database of Egyptian mummy resources [...]

The Jewish Quarterly Review (Open Access Backfiles) ISSN: 00216682 E-ISSN: 15530604 Established in 1 [...]

Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles:A Review of Techniques for the Graphical Display of [...]

The following is a guest post by Kris Nelson, Program Management Specialist at the Library of Congre [...]

A joint initiative which involves several projects co-funded by the European Commission DCH-RP, APAR [...]

Subject: Final call for papers for the 2014 TEI Conference Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 23:13:05 +0000 Fro [...]

In early April 2014 the Brooklyn Museum removed all its images from flickr. They now appear in Wikim [...]

Some futurist scenarios are more probable than others. But even those that seem wildly improbable he [...]

Since its launch last year, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has been working hard on br [...]

At the end of the first season of Downton Abbey in a scene that is exemplary of the serie’s greatnes [...]

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Islamic Studies

Open Access Journal: Quranica – International Journal of Quranic Research

QURANICA – International Journal of Quranic ResearchISSN 2289-5396

“Quranica (ISSN 2289-5396) is an international trilingual (Arabic, English & Malay) peer-reviewed bi-annual journal published by Centre of Quranic Research (CQR), University of Malaya. This Quranica journal has replaced the formerly journal known as International Journal on Quranic Research (ISSN 2180-4893), and it has been considered [...]


David “Mr. McFeely” Newell Still Delivering at Seton Hill TEDx


David Newell is one of the speakers at the TEDx talk at Seton Hill all day today. He recalled when his grandfather took him to see his first play, “Harvey,” and came full circle describing how he recently took his granddaughter to see her first play, The Sound of Music. He described the process of [...]

Computer Technology

CHNT 14, 2009 – Abstracts


Workshop 1 – Photogrammetry – Documentation from Photos Organisation: Norbert PFEIFER / Ulrike HERBIG / Camillo RESSL, Austria

Workshop 2 – Kulturportale Im Internet – Barrierefreiheit (in German) Organisation: Thomas JÖCHLER / Robert SAUL, Austria

Alexander HECHT, Austria: Das ORF TV Archiv und Open Access Michaela LAICHMANN, Austria: WAIS und WAI – [...]

Ancient Science

Open Access Hellenistic Astrological Texts

[First posted in AWOL 7 December 2010, updated 19 February 2014]

Hellenistic Astrology Website Hellenistic astrology is a tradition of Greco-Roman astrology that originated in the Mediterranean region sometime around the 1st century BCE, and was practiced until approximately the 7th century. It is the ancestor of many of the modern traditions of astrology that [...]

Computer Technology

Historic 3D city model of Koper (Slovenia)

Aljosa ZERJAL / Tina ZERJAL / Natasa KOLEGA (Harpha sea, Koper, Slovenia)

Abstract:After finishing a 3D city model of the present historic town of Koper (Slovenia) using topographic and LIDAR data, as well as photographic material, the 3D/GIS team at Harpha sea d.o.o. has taken up the challenge of eventually building a 4D city model [...]

Computer Technology

LIDAR, archaeology and towns

Rafa? ZAP?ATA (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Warsaw, Poland)


The use of  laser scanning – LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) in archaeological research has its tradition, particularly in relation to woodland, as well as to hard-to-reach and open areas. The aim of the presentation is an attempt to discuss the application of LIDAR in archeology [...]

Computer Technology

Creating a 3D virtual collection of Colonial American architectural features

Colin WAGNER / Rachel YOUNG (Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA)


This poster will explain and illustrate the process of producing historically accurate 3D digital models of Colonial and Federalist era American window, door and molding types used in Philadelphia house and building construction.  The models were produced from architectural artifacts in the collection of the [...]

Computer Technology

Preliminary Results of Semantic 3D Modeling of Seddülbahir Fortress Using Laser Scanning Data

E. TEKDAL-EMNIYETI1,2 / K.-H. HAEFELE2 / J. ISELE2 (1Istanbul Technical University, Turkey / 2Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)



Abstract: In this poster, the laser scanning task carried out for the documentation and restoration of the Seddülbahir Fortress which is located at the Gallipoli peninsula of Turkey will be explained. The Seddülbahir Fortress project [...]

Computer Technology

3D close range laser scanning

Gabriel SEIDL / Silvia MÜLLER / Richard THOMA (AS-Archäologie Service, Krems, Austria)


3D laser scanning is a fresh approach on describing archaeological, architectural and historical art objects. AS – Archäologie Service has used and refined this procedure for several years to survey and illustrate diverse artefacts. Working with a high degree of precision this [...]

Computer Technology

Roman military camp “Ala Nova” in Schwechat

Ute SCHOLZ / Silvia MÜLLER / Richard THOMA (AS-Archäologie Service, Krems, Austria)


AS-Archäologie Service carried out an excavation in Schwechat, Lower Austria in 2010. Two barracks constructions of the ancient Roman military camp for cavalry troops “Ala Nova” were almost fully excavated. Three Roman construction phases were detected, beginning with wooden buildings from the [...]

Computer Technology

Mossyna: The rediscovery of a “lost city” in the territory of Hierapolis in Phrygia

Giuseppe SCARDOZZI / Laura CASTRIANNI (CNR – IBAM, Lecce, Italy)


The archaeological survey conducted by the National Research Council, Institute of archeological heritage – monuments and sites of Lecce (CNR-IBAM) between 2005 and 2007 in the territory of Hierapolis in Phrygia, in cooperation with the Italian Archaeological Mission, regarded a vast geographical area in [...]