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Year In Review: The Latest Goings On of HMT


During the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 Academic year progress on the creation of digital editions of the Iliad manuscripts continued. Teams of undergraduates have been hard at work not only across the country but internationally. Several of our teams took a moment at the end of their academic years to report on what they have accomplished. At College of the Holy Cross, teams were hard at work on Book 10 in the Venetus A, which was […]


The scribal process of handling “forgotten” lines in two manuscripts of the Iliad: Escorial Upsilon 1.1 and Venetus A


A guest post by Holy Cross undergraduate research teams: Debbie Sokolowski ’14 and Drew Virtue ’17; Becky Musgrave ’14 and Chris Ryan ’16 Often when the Homer Multitext team edits manuscripts throughout the year we encounter irregularities in the way the folios are laid out. One case of this is the way scribes deal with lines of the Iliad that they either forgot or decided not to include within the main text. Debbie Sokolowski and Drew Virtue discovered one […]


CHS Seminar 2014


For the fourth summer in a row, the Homer Multitext project is running a two week seminar on digitally editing the Venetus A manuscript. Twenty-two undergraduates, graduates, and professors have been hard at work, creating a digital edition of Iliad 12 in the Venetus A. Many have likened work on this project to building a ship while sailing it and these researchers have shown great flexibility learning both the 10th century Byzantine hand and at […]


How to Build a Community of Scholars Through Pancakes


One of the most integral components of the HMT is team collaboration, not just students working with each other in individual groups, but students sharing information across teams and working closely with faculty. Sometimes this collaboration takes place within one institution, but as HMT spreads through the summer seminar our collaborative teams find themselves miles and even oceans away. With one week left in the seminar, we are beginning to reflect on ways for the […]


Iliad 12 as Oral Traditional Poetry

Each year at the Homer Multitext Summer Seminar we introduce a new group of students to the scholarly principles that underlie the Homer Multitext project, which are grounded in the research and fieldwork of Milman Parry and Albert Lord on oral poetry. In addition to talking in a broad way about how the Iliad was composed and transmitted over time, we also think out loud about how our understanding of Homeric poetry as an oral traditional […]


Seminar 2014 Presentations

We have reached the time for CHS Summer Seminar 2014 presentations! We are looking forward to our participants presenting on a variety of topics seen in the scholia of Iliad 12. We will be live streaming the presentations. If you would like to watch the presentations live see the following instructions and caveats:The best place to see the stream is on the CHS network.If you are not able to come to the CHS, you can try […]


Refounded Site

Due to some hiccups with Drupal Gardens, we’ve had to re-establish our site. Thanks for bearing with us!


2013 DCA Conference "Word, Space, Time" video

The 2013 DCA Conference “Word, Space, Time” was held April 5-6 at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. Those interested can find the conference program here, which can serve as a guide to the conference video. 


DCA at APA / AIA 2014: "Getting Started with Digital Classics"

DCA will host a joint session at the American Philological Asssociation and American Institute of Archaeology annual meetings entitled “Getting Started with Digital Classics.” The session scheduled to take place Friday, January 3, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. There will also be an informal reception Saturday, January 4, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the Columbian room. If you are attending the meetings, please join us!


NEH Senior Program Officer Available to Meet at 2014 APA / AIA

From the NEH blog: Mary Downs, Senior Program Officer in the Division of Preservation and Access, National Endowment for the Humanities, will be at the upcoming Joint Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the American Philological Association (Chicago, Jan. 2-5, 2014) and is available to meet with those interested in learning more about NEH funding opportunities, particularly in Preservation and Access, the Digital Humanities, Research, and Education. The following grant programs may be of interest to […]


Call for Papers: 2015 APA / AIA Session "Making Meaning from Data"

Abstracts are invited for the Digital Classics Association colloquium at SCS / AIA Annual Meetings in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 8-11, 2015. The topic is “Making Meaning from Data,” and the abstract submission deadline is February 3, 2014. The call for papers is below and available on the SCS (APA) website. We are again seeking to make this a joint colloquium with AIA, and hope that the success of this year’s joint colloquium augurs well for […]


"Getting Started with Digital Classics" Panel, APA / AIA Chicago, Jan. 3, 2014


Monica Berti of Leipzig University and LOFTS speaks at DCA APA / AIA 2014. DCA hosted its first panel at the annual meetings of the American Philological Association and American Institute of Archaeology in Chicago on January 3, 2014, entitled “Getting Started with Digital Classics.” The program, with links to screencasts on Youtube where available, is below. Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo, State University of New York Introduction Diane Cline, George Washington UniversitySocial Network Analysis and […]


New Public Map Tiles and Antiquity À-la-carte 3.0 Beta


The Base Map tiles with road overlays The AWMC is proud to announce the release of a series of geographically accurate, publicly accessible map tiles (http://awmc.unc.edu/wordpress/tiles/ ), suitable for use in nearly any web mapping application or GIS software suite. These tiles are hosted on Mapbox servers courtesy of ISAW, and are created by Ryan Horne from AWMC data produced by Richard Talbert, Jeffrey Becker, Ryan Horne, Ross Twele, Audrey Jo, Ray Belanger, Steve Burges, Luke Hagemann, Ashley Lee, and others. Offering the first (and at […]


International Conference: Pathways of Communication: Roads and Routes in Anatolia from Prehistory to Seljuk Times


The British Institute at Ankara, in collaboration with Ankara University, is hosting the conference Pathways of Communication: Roads and Routes in Anatolia from Prehistory to Seljuk Times March 20-22, 2014 on the university campus.  A programme for the conference can be found here.  The conference will devote two panels to “Maps and Digital Mapping” and “Digital Approaches to Roads and Networks.”  Prof. Richard Talbert has been invited to speak in a panel at Pathways on the Ancient World Mapping […]

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