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Details of this week’s Digital Classicist…


Details of this week’s Digital Classicist seminar: Digital Classicist London & Institute of Classical Studies Seminar 2014 Sebastian Rahtz (Oxford) & Gabriel Bodard (King’s College London) Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies: Data and Relations in Greco-Roman Names (SNAP:DRGN) Friday August 1st in room G37, Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU SNAP:DRGN ( is an AHRC-funded exploratory project which aims to address the problem of linking together large prosopographies (datsets containing information about persons, names and […]

We’re in the News: The LiDAR News


We’re currently featured on the main-page of LiDAR News–the pre-eminent news source for all things laser scanning related (not to mention my FAVORITE tech magazine!!!) (0)

How to get more minorities involved in archaeology

I’m writing this blog post from the Denver International Airport, en route back to Tucson after spending a fruitful July working on archaeological excavations in Glacier National Park. This project came close on the heels of a fruitful dissertation research trip to Boise, Idaho. Needless to say, this summer has been great so far. Working […] (0)

Finally! Google Begins to Think Big (Big History, That is)

In a keynote address delivered to the Berlin Open Knowledge Festival earlier this year, Googler Eric Hysen set up some big stakes for Google’s future: Google, he said, has not yet begun to think big.  To really think big, Google would need to start thinking about history, and to think about infrastructure in particular. How is it that enormous shifts in economics and politics have been executed in our historical experience?  The industrial revolution and […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #493

Get your Open Access (free to read) archaeology fix: Development of Urbanization in the Mewar Region of Rajasthan, India in the Middle of Third Millennium BC Lease of a Piece of Pasture to Haltemprice Priory, Yorkshire Notice of the Sculptured Top of a Stone Cross found in the Parish of Lesmahagow, A.D. 1866; with some Remarks upon Crosses, and the Privilege of Sanctuary. The Freedom of the Woods: Antiquarian Landscapes and Politics Learn more about […]

TEI Members Meeting, 2015 : call for bids


Dear Community, Arrangements for this year’s annual TEI Members’ Meeting, to be hosted by Northwestern University, in Evanston Illinois, October 22–24, 2014 are now well in hand. (see for details). The TEI Board is now therefore  starting the planning process for next year’s meeting, to be held some time in the autumn/fall of 2015. The TEI’s annual get-together is the gathering point for the TEI community. It offers an opportunity to meet colleagues, learn about new […]

TEI Hackathon: Report by Elli Bleeker


Name: Elli Bleeker Twitter: @ellibleeker Email:   Working group project: ODD visualization   Contribution to group project: in comparison with the other participants, my experience with and knowledge of ODD and JSON was limited. Since it is very useful for anyone working with TEI XML to have at least a basic understanding of these concepts, I was happy to join this working group. At first, my contribution was mainly asking -perhaps obvious- questions about […]

The MH17 Crash and Selective Web Archiving


The following is a guest post by Nicholas Taylor, Web Archiving Service Manager for Stanford University Libraries. <img class="size-medium wp-image-21504" alt="Screenshot of 17 July 2014 15:57 UTC archive snapshot of deleted VKontakte Strelkov blog post regarding downed aircraft, on Internet Archive Wayback Machine.” src=”×287.jpg” width=”300″ height=”287″ /> Screenshot of 17 July 2014 15:57 UTC archive snapshot of deleted VKontakte Strelkov blog post regarding downed aircraft, on InternetArchive Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has […]

Wear your hattitude!


Girl in a Large Hat. Rijksmuseum, Public Domain Hats are wonderful and tricky at the same time. What started out as a functional piece of clothing to protect the wearer from the sun and the wind, has moved on to a fashion accessory. They are still extremely useful. They feature in numerous idioms in the English language (hats off, I’ll eat my hat, if the cap fits etc), indicating how they were an integral part […]

Punk Archaeology, Digital Humanities, and DIY


A few weeks back my buddy Paul Worley penned an interesting blog post on digital humanities and “getting hit by the proverbial bus.” The post talked about the ripple effect of Joel Jonientz’s death in our little digital humanities community on campus. For the University of North Dakota, the digital humanities was an explicitly collaborative affair with almost all of the successful project from the Working Group in Digital and New Media involving more than […]

Your prize explained – the Business Incubation Support Package

We are delighted to be able to reward you with a unique prize if you win one of our Europeana Creative Challenges.  The winners receive an incubation support package designed to give you a structure within which you can develop, build and validate your own product or service. The process aims to enable you to find the optimal route to growth by helping you develop the right business model, identify the right business partners and […]

Friends of ASOR Podcasts

Friends of ASOR Podcasts The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization that supports and encourages the study of the cultures and history of the Near East, from the earliest times to the present. ASOR is apolitical and has no religious affiliation. We were founded in 1900 by twenty one institutions—including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia. Over a century later, ASOR has more than 90 consortium institutions, including universities, seminaries, […]

New Open Access Journal: Indo-European Linguistics


Indo-European LinguisticsISSN: 2212-5884 E-ISSN: 2212-5892  The peer-reviewed journal Indo-European Linguistics (IEL) is devoted to the study of the ancient and medieval Indo-European languages from the perspective of modern theoretical linguistics. It provides a venue for synchronic and diachronic linguistic studies of the Indo-European languages and the Indo-European family as a whole within any theoretically informed or analytical framework. It also welcomes typological investigations, especially those which make use of cross-linguistic data, including that from non-Indo-European […]

Open Access Journal: Analecta Romana Instituti Danici


[First posted in AWOL 15 March 2010. Updated 28 July 2014] Analecta Romana Instituti DaniciP-ISSN: 0066-1392E-ISSN: 2035-2506 Analecta Romana Instituti Danici (ARID) publicerer studier indenfor Instituttets hovedforskningsområder: humanistiske studier (f. eks. antikhistorie, arkæologi kunsthistorie, historie, litteratur, filologi), billedkunst og arkitektur. Siden 2008 udkommer tidskriftet både i en papir- og en digital udgave. Analecta Romana Instituti Danici (ARID) publishes studies within the main range of the Academy’s research activities: the humanities (e.g. ancient history, archaeology, art […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy