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LoCloud is a Best Practice Network of 32 partners, co-funded under the CIP ICT-PSP Programme of the [...]

Some futurist scenarios are more probable than others. But even those that seem wildly improbable he [...]

Since its launch last year, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has been working hard on br [...]

At the end of the first season of Downton Abbey in a scene that is exemplary of the serie’s greatnes [...]

a day for bringing together anyone interested in opening up archives for research and reuse The sess [...]

Guest blog by Emily Gore from DPLA. This article originally appeared on the DPLA website.   Image cr [...]

Heidi Blake and Jonathan Calvert who run The Sunday Times investigative Insight team placed an adver [...]

Digital Atlas of the Roman EmpireJohan Åhlfeldt, Lund, Sweden. And see AWOL’s Roundup of Resources o [...]

In getting ready to make a transition from digital preservation and repository development at the Li [...]

Open Access (free to read) articles on archaeology:The Archaeology of Volcan Mountain, San Diego Cou [...]

ROMAQ: The Atlas Project of Roman Aqueducts Roman aqueducts are amongst the most impressive and inte [...]

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance is forming an Education and Training group as part of the [...]

Developers from the New York Times have released some open source software meant for displaying and [...]

Attached are the slides from my recent talk, “Ballad Sheet Forensics, Preservation, and the Digital [...]

Our feelings toward April are mixed. As Edna St. Vincent Millay writes in “Second April” To what pur [...]

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Paul’s Exhortations in Gal 5,16-25. From the Apostle’s Techniques to His Theology Vol.94 (2013) 395-414

After having shown that Gal 5,13-25 forms a rhetorical and semantic unit, the article examines Gal 5,17, a crux interpretum, and proves that the most plausible reading is this one: ‘For the flesh desires against the Spirit — but the Spirit desires against the flesh, for those [powers] fight each other — to prevent you from doing those things you would’, and draws its soteriological consequences. (36)

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