Inside the mummies’ embalmed bodies – courtesy of a hospital CT scanner


CT Scanning affords incredible (and non invasive) insight into what lies beneath the wrappings. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons. “It is not by any means the end of the road because the technology is moving on rapidly all the time, and we’re hoping in the next few years we’ll be able to continue scanning more mummies and revealing more remarkable facts.” This article titled “Inside the mummies’ embalmed bodies – courtesy of a hospital CT scanner” […]

Mezzanine Box Packing Stations


After receiving several exciting deliveries from our packaging suppliers, we have set up two box packing/artifact processing stations in the repository’s Mezzanine. Our stations will be used by SA staff when Sustainable Archaeology has been contracted to re-package collections as part of a transfer.   Each station includes trays for laying out artifacts, polyethylene bags, polypropylene vials, clay desiccant and polyethylene foam from Uline, as well as other archival supplies from Gaylord, such as acid test […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy