Archaeovision R&D Unit

Archaeovision started as non-profit company Arheovisioon MTÜ in Estonia. It has been very tiny team working mainly with cultural heritage related data presentation in web and documentation and imaging related issues. We’ve been running several trainings and lectures and inviting people over to give lectures. Recent activities includes organising Rode Imaging Event in St. Nicholas church in Tallinn and taking part of the conservation and documentation project of the high altar at the church. Arheovisioon […]

Burying the Digital


Clay tablet (wikipedia) I am at Museums and the Web this week in Baltimore. I was sat next to @trinkermedia and we were talking enthusiastically about  the physical, tangible and the interactive digital (as usual). Over the last few years we have been digitising very large collections of cuneiform tablets and are mid way through developing an open source Reflectance Transformation Imaging web renderer that will allow interaction with these on mobile devices and desktops. The […]

The Nexus Browser


Tim Berners-Lee made the first website, and the first web browser, on a NeXT Cube running the now obsolete NeXTSTEP Operating System. As a result, very few people have seen the first website in its true environment. The first web browser, called WorldWideWeb and later renamed Nexus, was a browser-editor. It could be used to create pages as well as browse them. Not only that, it allowed user-centric and document-centric browsing. See the video below […]

Crowd annotation of RTI

As part of the on-going AHRC RTI FoF project for the on-line, open source RTI viewer we are working on development of a tool that will encourage scientific co-operation among cultural heritage professionals, being at the same time an enhanced dissemination and presentation tool. The artefact visualised in RTI form is not just a static record of the artefact but it enables the museum professional to execute visual analysis virtually and the members of the […]

New Pleiades Plus Matches Pleiades with GeoNames

Pleiades Plus is an experimental machine alignment between Pleiades place resources and content in the GeoNames Gazetteer. (0)

Richer Names Listings for Places

Pleiades place pages now provide more summary information for associated names. (0)

Rode Imaging Event


Few posts ago i wrote about imaging work at St. Nicholas church in Tallinn, Estonia. Now this has grown into bigger collaboration and a co-hosted event in coming May. There will be three speakers from ACRG: Graeme Earl, James Miles and me. Check the museum’s website for more information and registering . (0)

Digital representations of the Fennoscandian Iron Age


A story that has been making the rounds on blogs and news websites this week is the Digital Iron Age Environment, a project by Swedish game developer Daniel Westergren. I came across Daniel’s interview with Digital Digging, where he describes his investment in accurately recreating the landscape of Iron Age Uppsala, in eastern Sweden. He uses the CryEngine 3 technology to power this visualization, displaying his attention to detail, while at the same time adding subjective […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy