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LoCloud is a Best Practice Network of 32 partners, co-funded under the CIP ICT-PSP Programme of the [...]

More and more of us are moving to tools such as Google Apps for Educators, Chromebooks, and mobile d [...]

(3) metadata entry Contribution: Susanne Uhlirz Name: Susanne Uhlirz URL: link to the original post [...]

Benjamin ŠTULAR (Institute of archaeology, Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, Slovenia) Purpose: U [...]

Alexander A. MALAFEEV (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia) Stormy developme [...]

Andrey V. BIRIUKOV, Michail A. RODIONOV (Samara Branch of Higher School of Privatization and Enterpr [...]

Vladimir I. IONESOV / Natalia G. LEVINA (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia [...]

Vladimir I. IONESOV (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia) The Bronze Age was [...]

Chair: Masha VUKANOVIC, Serbia Finding, processing and preserving cultural heritage could be seen as [...]

Anatoly V. MALAFEEV / Galina I. ZABOLOTNI / Vladimir I. IONESOV (Samara Branch of Moscow State Unive [...]

Mohamed EL AMROUSI (United Arab Emirates University) Museums as architectural manifestations of elit [...]

Learn about Heather Dewey-Hagborg’sStranger Visions (2) metadata entry Contribution: The Alliance [...]

This post is by Sarah McSeveny-Åril, senior advisor digital cultural heritage at the Arts Council Eu [...]

The show was awash in quick, smart wisecracks, not to mention cultural references that ran the gamut [...]

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RTI & a prehistoric pottery sherd from Mirasiviene

While fieldwalking the country-estate of Mirasiviene, where the eponymous Late Bronze Stela was found (see: RTI shedding new light on Iberian Late Bronze Age stelae and RTI & the Late Bronze Age stela of Mirasiviene), we located an exceptional settlement. This is one of the many pottery sherds found on its surface. This sherd is [...] [...]


RTI & the decorated stela of Montoro

This decorated stela was found some years ago nearby the town of Montoro, in the Middle Guadalquivir Valley (Córdoba, South Spain). In September, David Wheatley (University of Southampton), Leonardo García Sanjuán (University of Seville) and I have conducted fieldwork to inspect the place where it was found and we have also applied enhanced techniques to [...] [...]


RTI & a prehistoric quern from Kellah Burn

This intriguing stone has been found by Joshua Pollard (University of Southampton) and his team during fieldwork on a site called Kellah Burn, in Northumberland, UK. The stone seems to have been initially used as a quern. Afterwards, the quern was decorated with this beautiful wavy motif. David Wheatley and I have applied RTI to [...] [...]


The oldest erotic image in Estonia?

As one of the Estonian newspaper stated, it could be the oldest erotic image found in Estonia. It is an engraving on the wall of the old church in Lüllemäe. To get a better “reading” of the image we used RTI technique to document it. Here are some example screenshots below, interactive image can be [...] [...]


Everything that can be digital, will be

Whereas California’s pedigree in high-tech engineering produced a concentration of ambitious dot com companies, New York,… [...]


Digital craftspeople

When Yugo Nakamura unveiled his MONO*crafts site at in 1999, it made an entire industry… [...]


Macromedia Flash back

In January 1993, Jonathan Gay, Charlie Jackson and Michelle Welsh founded FutureWave Software with the vision… [...]


Minutes: 24th Virtual Meeting of the OKFN Working Group for Open Bibliographic Data

Date: August, 7th 2012, 15:00 GMT Channels: Meeting was held via Skype and Etherpad Participants Jim Pitman Karen Coyle Naomi Lillie Agenda JISC Open Biblio 2 project coming to close Blog-post write-up of project being finished this week, Mark MacGillivray … Continue reading [...]


Persepolis Fortification Archive Project 2012-05-24 19:10:00

I have upgraded the Persepolis Fortification Archive Blog to a newer version of blogger with a clean new design and most significantly with the beginnings of connections to the linked data universe.Hover over the the following links and you will see th… [...]


Radically Open Cultural Heritage Data at SXSW Interactive 2012

I had the privilege of attending the annual South by South-west Interactive, Film and Music conference (SXSW) a few weeks ago in Austin, Texas.    I was there as part of the ‘Radically Open Cultural Heritage Data on the Web’ Interactive panel session, along with our fellow LODLAMers, Jon Voss, Julie Allinson from the University of York [...] [...]


Bibliothèques et digital humanities

Un billet du blog Digital Humanities International publié le 12 mars 2012 : Ce billet du blog «Digital Infrastructure Team» du JISC (Grande-Bretagne) pose la question « Does the library have a role to play in the Digital Humanities? ». En partant du constat que le rôle des bibliothèques dans les digital humanities n’a pas encore été largement développé, ce billet aborde les différentes fonctions que peuvent exercer les bibliothèques dans ce champ Lire la suite :   Digital libraryMore Posts [...]