Upgrade of Agisoft Photoscan


Here at Archaeovision we utilise photogrammetry in a lot of the work that we do. It is a cheaper method in many ways to traditional 3D recording techniques but it is often associated with slow processing times and at times the overall model can be poor. Agisoft have recently released an upgrade to their photoscan software, which is the main photogrammetry software that we use due to the level of control that it gives us […]

Unlocking the scrolls of Herculaneum


Having recently read an article on the BBC new’s page about the artefacts from the British Museum’s Life and Death: Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition it led to a belief of how integral RTI could be within the research of the scrolls of Herculaneum. The scrolls have been greatly damaged and are very delicate, reading the writing on these enclosed scrolls is therefore very difficult to do not only because of their state but because they are also as […]

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