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This past Monday, in my musing, I mentioned Kanu Hawaii–a nonprofit that recruits people to take act [...]

The iPad market is saturated. Tablets are gadgets for a largish, elite niche. So, as a technology, t [...]

The Art & Science of Curation is a project which explores ideas around Curation and the role of [...]

New Byzantine texts were added to the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae on 22 April 2014 0082 APOLLONIUS DYS [...]

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Archäologie und Computer 2007. Workshop 12 Wien 2008. PDF-Files auf CD-ROM Preis: zehn Euro ISBN 978 [...]

The following is an excerpt from a Program Update by Christa Williford, with contributions from Amy [...]

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Personal Digital Archiving 2014. Photo by Bill Lefurgy. Cinda May, a key organizer of the Personal D [...]

Google has released all its old Google Street View pictures, so we can travel back in time…. We’ve g [...]

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Irmengard MAYER1 / Marina DÖRING-WILLIAMS1/ Georgios TOUBEKIS2 / Michael JANSEN2 / Michael PETZET3 ( [...]

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CURATEcamp Exhibition: Exhibition in and of the Digital Age
“Alongside this year’s Digital Preservation 2013 meeting, I am excited to announce that we will also be playing host to a CURATEcamp unconference focused on exploring the idea of exhibition. For those unfamiliar with unconferences, the key idea is that the participants define the agenda and that there are no spectators, everyone who comes should plan on actively participating in and helping to lead discussions. Everybody who participates should come ready to work.”



Salon Bedouk Paris Expo – Portes de Versailles

As the premier exhibition for MICE offers in France – Bedouk Exhibition will enable you to promote your savoir-faire, your products and your identity to qualified buyers. The main sectors of the Business Tourism and event industry will be represented. … Continue reading [...]


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Open Access Archaeology Digest #56

Excellent Open Access (free to read) articles:

‘Crosraguel’ pennies, re-attribution to Bishop Kennedy

Computer Mapping and the Scheduled Ancient Monument Record

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Note on the ‘Household Plenishings belonging to the deceist Andro Hog, Writer to the Signet, publicklie rouped and sold upon the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th Days of Octr., 1691 Yeares.’

The Finds of Roman Coins in Split

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Online Museums

Hello there,
Nice to finally be able to post!
I will be presenting in class tomorrow and my topic is on Online Museums and Exhibitions. My interest was sparked after I read this report … it is the findings from a company called Altered Images that creates online exhibitions for museums. Altered Images interviewed museum professionals on their concerns and ideas for online exhibitions so that Altered Images could improve the quality of their work. The findings were interesting and caused some introspection, especially the line “Museum objects touch our soul and embody human stories. I look at online, as well as actual, displays of objects as telling the story of the human enterprise, I think that’s what engages people.” Cheryl Palmer, VP of Education and Public Programs, Mint Museum 
I was thinking of what museum exhibitions engaged myself, I looked at the example of the ROM’s exhibit called ‘Observance and Memorial’, which was focused on the Khmer Rouge’s rule in Cambodia in the 70s and the photographs taken of citizens in ‘reeducation camps’. I visited both the online exhibit, as well as the live exhibit. I found myself far more attached to the subject matter when actually visiting the exhibition. While browsing the content online I was also listening to music, browsing Facebook and this created a disconnect with the material. When there in real life I was emotionally invested and spent over two hours viewing every aspect of the exhibit. From this experience I would say that live exhibitions are superior, yet I wouldn’t have known about the exhibition if I had not first visited the online portion that piqued my interest. 
This experience differs with my experience of ‘The Museum of Broken Relationships’, this quirky museum exhibition is the creation of Yugoslovian artists that was coming to terms with the breakup of a long term relationship. The exhibit is a collection of items that held emotional significance in now defunct relationships from people around the world. This exhibition does tour, but has never reached the ROM, or anywhere close to where I could get to reasonably. However, their online exhibition is so great  I can still experience the content, while being halfway around the world from where it is being shown. Here’s the link – 
Just wondering what your guys thoughts are on online exhibitions and museums. Love/loathe/indifferent? I’ll be presenting more content tomorrow and am looking forward to feedback! 
Dana  [...]