The image bank HeidICON


The image bank HeidICON The image  bank HeidICON is a valuable gratis pictorial resource for students and professionals alike. Since inception of the image pools generated by the field operations of Heidelberg University, it has grown rapidly. HeidICON includes images surrounding the Heidelberg field-work in South Asia, Yemen, Oman and most recently, Tigray, Ethiopia. These are only a small part of this data archive. You can call up HeidICON with your browser in English language […]

Mappable places in Pleiades for Google Earth

All the mappable places in Pleiades (more than 30,000) in a single file for viewing in Google Earth (or reuse/remixing under terms of our Creative Commons license). Via Sean Gillies and Tom Elliott Mappable places in Pleiades kml file (0)

Open Access Archaeology Digest #496

Open Access (free to read) articles on archaeology: Metropolis in Mayfair? A Cross-Slab found at St John’s Chapel, Canisbay, Caithness. The excavation of a Quaker burial ground, 84 London Road, Kingston upon Thames An inscribed stone from Burton Dassett, Warwickshire Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

Latest Release of all EpiDoc code

Latest Release of all EpiDoc code EpiDoc is an international, collaborative effort that provides guidelines and tools for encoding scholarly and educational editions of ancient documents. It uses a subset of the Text Encoding Initiative‘s standard for the representation of texts in digital form and was developed initially for the publication of digital editions of ancient inscriptions (e.g. Inscriptions of Aphrodisias, Vindolanda Tablets). Its domain has expanded to include the publication of papyri and manuscripts […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #495

Todays list of Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Unpublished Notices of the Times of Edward I, and of his Relations with the Moghul Sovereigns of Persia Recent Discoveries on the First Inhabitants of the Mexicali Valley A Computer Aided Design Technique for Pottery Profiles Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

theolduvaigorge: Putslaagte 1 (PL1), the Doring River, and the…


theolduvaigorge: Putslaagte 1 (PL1), the Doring River, and the later Middle Stone Age in southern Africa’s Winter Rainfall Zone by Alex Mackay, Alex Sumner, Zenobia Jacobs, Ben Marwick, Kyla Bluff and Matthew Shaw  “Existing data suggest weak human occupation of southern Africa’s Winter Rainfall Zone (WRZ) during later Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 3, the causes of which are unknown. Here we report briefly on the results of recent surveys of alluvial terrace sites of the Doring […]

Radio-Past: Radiography of the past


Radio-Past: Radiography of the past The RADIO-PAST Project The project, which was launched April 1st 2009, will last 48 months and aims at developing so-called “open laboratories for research and experimentation”, where all expertises convey, analysis, and technical activities are performed, experimental techniques and new data processing tested, and formation activities are held. The place chosen for the principal “open laboratory” is the archaeological site of Ammaia in Portugal. Here, the Coordinator Institution (University of […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #494

Open Access (free to read) articles on archaeology: On the difference of plan alleged to exist between churches of Austin Canons and those of Monks; and the frequency with which such churches were parochial The virtual museum of landscape Playful agents, inexorable process: elements of a coherent theory of iteration in anthropological simulation Antiquities at Buda-Pest A cinerary urn from Kirklands, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) and EAGLE News

Attic Inscriptions Online and EAGLE News: Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) and EAGLE are delighted to announce the launch, on Tuesday 29th July, of a package of new English translations, supporting papers and upgrades to AIO: 1. 153 new translations (by Stephen Lambert, P. J. Rhodes, Feyo Schuddeboom and Lina van’t Wout). From the late-5th cent. BC: (a) sacrificial calendar of Thorikos (b) Athenian decree on the administration of the property of Kodros, Neleus and Basile (IG I3 84) (c) accounts of payments from the treasury of Athena, 410-407? BC (IG I3 375 […]

Open Access Journal: Zephyrus


ZephyrusISSN: 0514-7336 ZEPHYRVS es una Revista científica internacional de PREHISTORIA y ARQUEOLOGÍA, editada por la Universidad de Salamanca. ZEPHYRVS aparece semestralmente. Las secciones de ARTÍCULOS, VARIA y NOTAS CRÍTICAS/RESEÑAS publican, respectivamente, trabajos originales de investigación, informaciones científicas novedosas o hallazgos importantes, producidos en diversas partes del mundo, y estados de la cuestión o recensiones de monografías de calidad, seleccionadas entre aquellas obras recibidas en la Redacción de la Revista. 2014 Vol. 73 (2014) 2013 Vol. […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #493

Get your Open Access (free to read) archaeology fix: Development of Urbanization in the Mewar Region of Rajasthan, India in the Middle of Third Millennium BC Lease of a Piece of Pasture to Haltemprice Priory, Yorkshire Notice of the Sculptured Top of a Stone Cross found in the Parish of Lesmahagow, A.D. 1866; with some Remarks upon Crosses, and the Privilege of Sanctuary. The Freedom of the Woods: Antiquarian Landscapes and Politics Learn more about […]

Friends of ASOR Podcasts

Friends of ASOR Podcasts The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization that supports and encourages the study of the cultures and history of the Near East, from the earliest times to the present. ASOR is apolitical and has no religious affiliation. We were founded in 1900 by twenty one institutions—including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia. Over a century later, ASOR has more than 90 consortium institutions, including universities, seminaries, […]

New Open Access Journal: Indo-European Linguistics


Indo-European LinguisticsISSN: 2212-5884 E-ISSN: 2212-5892  The peer-reviewed journal Indo-European Linguistics (IEL) is devoted to the study of the ancient and medieval Indo-European languages from the perspective of modern theoretical linguistics. It provides a venue for synchronic and diachronic linguistic studies of the Indo-European languages and the Indo-European family as a whole within any theoretically informed or analytical framework. It also welcomes typological investigations, especially those which make use of cross-linguistic data, including that from non-Indo-European […]

Open Access Journal: Analecta Romana Instituti Danici


[First posted in AWOL 15 March 2010. Updated 28 July 2014] Analecta Romana Instituti DaniciP-ISSN: 0066-1392E-ISSN: 2035-2506 Analecta Romana Instituti Danici (ARID) publicerer studier indenfor Instituttets hovedforskningsområder: humanistiske studier (f. eks. antikhistorie, arkæologi kunsthistorie, historie, litteratur, filologi), billedkunst og arkitektur. Siden 2008 udkommer tidskriftet både i en papir- og en digital udgave. Analecta Romana Instituti Danici (ARID) publishes studies within the main range of the Academy’s research activities: the humanities (e.g. ancient history, archaeology, art […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy