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By Jason Rhody Several projects funded by NEH’s Office of Digital Humanities have been featured in t [...]

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Annali di Botanica (In English) Asian Myrmecology (Ants) Biodiversity & Ecology Bulletin of the [...]

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Open Access Archaeology Digest #80

Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles:

On Finger Rings of the Early Christian Period

The Roman Lighthouses at Dover

‘…so many ghastly piles of marine debris’: Discovery of the Whaling Ship Candace in Downtown San Francisco

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Open Access Journal: Research in Arabic Language and Literature – بحوث فی اللغه العربيه وآدابها

Research in Arabic Language and Literature -  بحوث فی اللغه العربيه وآدابها
ISSN: 2008-6466

ISSN: electronic 2322-4649

1. فصل‌نامه مجله پژوهش در زبان و ادبيات عربی در زمينه‌های مطالعات ادبی و زباني قرآن و حديث، ادبيات و نقد ادبی، ادبيات تطبيقی، مباحث زبانی، آموزش زبان و ترجمه آماده پذيرش مقاله است.

2. مقاله ارسالی بايد علمی پژوهشی، نتيجه تحقيقات نويسنده يا نويسندگان آن و به زبان عربی باشد. مطالب مقاله بايد مستند باشد و مأخذ نقل قول‌ها حتماً ذکر شود. چنانچه نقل قول‌های مستقيم يا غير مستقيم مقاله بدون ارجاع باشد، مقاله غير مستند تلقی شده، از نويسنده مسئول آن ـ تا مدتی که هيئت تحريريه تعيين می‌کند ـ ديگر مقاله‌ای پذيرفته نخواهد شد.

3. مقاله نبايد به هيچ مجله ديگری ارسال و يا در جاي ديگری منتشر شده باشند.

4. مقاله باید بين 5000 تا 7500 کلمه و شامل اين بخش­ها باشد: چکيده در حدود 250 کلمه (به عربی، فارسی و انگليسی)، واژگان کليدی (5 تا 7 کلمه)، مقدمه، متن اصلی، نتيجه­گيری و فهرست منابع و مآخذ (به زبان عربی و انگليسی).

The biannual journal of “Research in Arabic Language and Literature” welcomes articles related to Arabic language and Literature.  

 The corresponding author who sends the article to the Journal is considered responsible for that article by the journal.



NEMO Annual Conference 2013

Topic: Museums in a digital world
Date, Place: 1-3 November, Bucharest (Romania)

In this year, the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) event will focus on museums in a digital world and the museum’s component of citizenship – two topics which are getting more and more important for the cultural sector in the future. Issues such as copyright or open access to our collections are vital to all museums. They also have to find their own individual approach to take up their role as social agents for the citizens. NEMO wants to discuss these topics on a European scale

Friday, November 1, 2013 to Sunday, November 3, 2013



Open Access Archaeology Digest #77

Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles for anyone and everyone:Excavation and mitigation in Lundenwic: a case study[BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY] Preliminary Examin… [...]


Open Access Journal: ArcheoMolise


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(Partially) Open Access Journal: Археология (Reviews and News are open)

Археология (Reviews and News are open)
ISSN 0324-1203

Списание „Археология” е орган на Националния археологически институт с музей на Българската академия на науките. Основано е през 1959 г. като периодично издание, посветено на теренната и научноизследователска работа на българските археолози.
Пръв и дългогодишен главен редактор на „Археология” е акад. Д. П. Димитров, който създава формата на списанието.

То започва да излиза в 4 книжки годишно със следните рубрики: Статии, Публикации, Музейно дело и консервации, Лекции и консултации, Критика и рецензии и Преглед.
Списанието е ориентирано към широк хронологически хоризонт. Основна задача е да очертава, отразява и насочва развитието на отделните дялове в българската археологическата наука. Публикуват се статии и съобщения от разкопки на паметници в България, както и проблемни статии в областта на праисторията, античността и средновековната археология, нумизматика, сфрагистика. Представят се рецензии за археологически изложби, експозиции, новоизлезли книги, информация за научни срещи.

В своята над 50-годишна история списанието е съставяно и редактирано от редица видни учени на НАИМ-БАН – акад. Димитър П. Димитров (1959-1973), акад. Димитър Ангелов (1974-1989), проф. Велизар Велков (1990-1993), проф. Димитър Овчаров (1993-2001). Многократно е променян и външният му вид, но идеята, която го е основала, да бъде лице на българската археологическа наука, остава неизменна цел на всеки следващ главен редактор и редакционна колегия. Първоначално „Археология” е с мека разноцветна корица и апликирана илюстрация отпред, по-късно корицата става бяла с отпечатана отпред черно-бяла снимка. Идеята за този дизайн – бяла корица, но вече с цветна водеща илюстрация – е запазена и днес, защото времето показа, че това е видът, който ни прави различни.

От 2001 г. главен редактор на „Археология” е проф. д.и.н. Васил Николов. Традицията да се обнародват теренните и научни открития на страниците на списанието е запазена. Същевременно с това то е отворено за качествени статии, посветени на проблемите в българската археологическа наука.

Съдържанието обхваща пет тематични кръга: Статии, Съобщения, Дискусии, Отзиви и рецензии, Преглед. Рубриките Статии, Съобщения и Дискусии са съпроводени с резюме на английски език. Във всяка първа за годината книжка се помества Списък на публикациите на учените от Националния археологически институт с музей към Българска академия на науките, както и на катедрите по археология на СУ „Св. Климент Охридски” и ВТУ „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий”. Отделено е място и на научната хроника.

Като високоспециализирано и научно издание „Археология” се разпространява в страната и чужбина с абонамент. Продава се и на щанд в Националния археологически музей.

Arheologia Journal is a publication of the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum – BAS. It was established in 1959 as a periodical promoting the fieldwork and the research activity of Bulgarian archaeologists.

Academician D. P. Dimitrov was the first Editor-in-Chief of the journal. He was Editor-in-Chief for many years as well as the one who created its concept.

It has 4 issues per year and includes the following headings: Studies, Publications, Museum Activity and Conservation Work, Lectures and Consultations, Reviews and News.
The journal covers a broad chronological range. Its main goal is to outline, reflect and guide the development of the various aspects of Bulgarian archaeology. Articles and reports on excavations in Bulgaria are published as well as articles on theoretical aspects of the prehistoric, ancient and mediaeval archaeology, numismatics, sphragistics, etc. Reviews on archaeological exhibitions, recently published books and information about academic conferences are also presented.

A number of outstanding scholars who worked at the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum – BAS have been editors and contributed a lot to the more than 50 years long history of the journal – Academician D. P. Dimitrov (1959-1973), Academician Dimiter Angelov (1974-1989), Prof. Velizar Velkov (1990-1993), Prof. Dimiter Ovcharov (1993-2001). The design of the journal has also undergone through many changes but the main idea embedded in its establishment – to be the face of Bulgarian archaeology – was a constant aim of all editors-in-chief and editorial boards. Initially Arheologia (Sofia) Journal had colorful paperbacks and an illustration on the front cover and later the paperbacks became white with a black-and-white photo on the front cover. The idea of this particular design – a white cover but decorated with a color illustration – was preserved until nowadays because time proved that it is the design, which makes us look different.
Since 2001 Prof. Dr. Sc. Vassil Nikolov has been Editor-in-Chief of Arheologia (Sofia) Journal. We still keep the tradition to publish the field and scholarly discoveries on the pages of the journal. At the same time it is open for qualitative articles devoted to the problems of Bulgarian archaeology.

The content includes five themes: Studies, Reports, Discussions, Reviews and News. The Studies, Reports and Discussions headings have summaries in English. The first copy of the year contains a List of Publications of the Scholars Working at the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum – BAS as well as at the Departments of Archaeology at St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia and St. St. Cyril and Methodius University in Veliko Tarnovo. An academic chronicle is also published.

Arheologia (Sofia) Journal is an academic publication and is distributed in Bulgaria and abroad by subscription. It is also on sale at the bookstall of the National Museum of Archaeology.



Open Access Archaeology Digest #74

A nice batch of Open Access (free to read) articles:Pathways and highways: routes in Bronze Age Eurasia Inlaid Iron Folding Stool in the British Museum… [...]


Open Access Archaeology Digest #73

Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles for anyone and everyone:

The Celt and the Teuton in Exeter

Notes on the Pre-historic Archaeology of East Devon

Les Fours a Chaux de Martinique

Notice respecting the original brass of the Regent Earl of Murray, removed from St Giles’ Church in 1829.

Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at:



The electronic publication of Oriental Institute Annual Reports is now complete

Announced 28 May 2013

The Oriental Institute Annual Report for years 1928, 1934, 1938-39, 1954-1959 are now available in the Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf) . There are no Annual Reports for the intervening years. Links to its respective entries have been added to the homepages for numerous Institute archaeological and philological projects and departments. This completes the electronic publication of all Oriental Institute Annual Reports!

Oriental Institute Annual Reports 1928-1959

The print versions of the Oriental Institute Annual Report are available for members as one of the privileges of membership. They are not for sale to the general public. They contain yearly summaries of the activities of the Institute’s faculty, staff, and research projects, as well as descriptions of special events and other Institute functions.

For an up to date list of all Oriental Institute publications available online see:



Open Access Archaeology Digest #72

Learn more about Archaeology, History, Anthropology, etc. Open Access (free to read) articles:

Stonehenge — Mapping the Stones

Notes on the Pigmies Isle, at the Butt of Lewis, with results of the recent Exploration of the ‘Pigmies’ Chapel’ there.

Back to the Source: Provenance Areas of Clays and Temper Materials of Pre-Columbian Caribbean Ceramics

Second Report of cist burials at Parkburn Sandpit, Lasswade, Midlothian

The Norse settlement of the Faroe Islands

Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at:



WODC-repository gehost door TU Delft Library

Het Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum (WODC) van het Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie heeft vanaf april 2013 een eigen repository die wordt gehost door TU Delft Library. Dankzij een repository op maat komt TU Delft Library tegemoe… [...]