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Happy Holidays!


What I Want for Christmas By Ralphie Parker What I want for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time. I think that everybody should have a Red Ryder BB Gun. They’re very good for Christmas. I don’t think that a football is a very good Christmas present.     Filed under: holiday


Open Access Archaeology Digest #643


Excellent Open Access (free to read) articles: Global Influences in Remote New Spainhttp://bit.ly/1irJWT8 Archaeology and global information systemshttp://bit.ly/1rVEH3r The Duke and the radical: an Edwardian land conflict in Sussex.http://bit.ly/15kLVfA A preliminary report on palaeoenvironmental investigations in Iffe-Ijumu, southwestern Nigeriahttp://bit.ly/1xQLgqj Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


On the 1st Day of Christmas…


The competition gave to me … A snow capped Avebury. Paul Adams is the winner of our  #festivearchaeology competition with this excellent photo of Avebury. As the winner of our competition Paul has been sent a special edition trowel USB memory stick and … Continue reading →

Katie Green

Open Access Journal: Jewish Studies, an Internet Journal (JSIJ)


[First posted in AWOL 4 November 2009. Updated 24 December 2014] Jewish Studies, an Internet Journal (JSIJ) – Ketav-ʻet eleḳṭroni le-madaʻe Yahadut JSIJ is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal dealing with all fields of Jewish studies, which is distributed free of charge via the Internet.  By publishing articles electronically via the Internet, JSIJ seeks to disseminate articles much faster than is possible with paper publication, and to make these articles readily and conveniently accessible to a […]

Charles Jones

Open Access Archaeology Digest #642


Open Access (free to read) articles on archaeology: The excavation of two later Iron Age fortified homesteads at Aldclune, Blair Atholl, Perth & Kinross.http://bit.ly/12nup9t Contemporaneous Copy of the Convention for the Surrender of the City of Rennes, in Brittany, to the Army of the Duke of Lancaster, A.D. 1357http://bit.ly/19RKFUq Bosses of the Wooden Vaulting of the Eastern Walk of the Cloisters of Lincoln Minsterhttp://bit.ly/12JVgxN The Mesolithic in Croatia http://bit.ly/1x5cHv1 Learn more about Open Access and […]


3D Printed Salt & Pepper Shakers are Customized Based On a Couple’s Personal Information


If you haven’t ever looked at collectible salt and pepper shakers, you should take a moment of your time to peruse the dramatic variety. You might not have realized that salt and pepper shakers had such a diversity of forms or such a loyal fan base. Some collect them because they are cute while for others it is a serious hobby involving surprisingly large sums of money. One such collection was created over the course […]

Hannah Rose Mendoza

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014 on The Signal


We’re fans of lists here at the Library of Congress and there is no better way to close out the year on The Signal than taking a look back at our popular blog posts of the year. Happy new year. Print by Currier & Ives. c1876. http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3b50424 Our most viewed post of the year, and our second most viewed post of all time since our blog launched in 2011, was the post about the discovery […]

Erin Engle

New at OAPEN: Glass Making in the Greco-Roman World


Glass Making in the Greco-Roman World: Results of the ARCHGLASS Project   Download book Author(s) Degryse, Patrick Publisher Leuven Unversity Press, Belgium, Leuven Published 2014 Subjects Humanities, Archaeology, Archaeology by period / region__Classical Greek and Roman archaeology Abstract This book presents a reconstruction of the Hellenistic-Roman glass industry from the point of view of raw material procurement. Within the ERC funded ARCHGLASS project, the authors of this work developed new geochemical techniques to provenance primary glass making. They investigated […]

Charles Jones

Holiday Goodie Rerun III: Hunger Games lesson plans, resources, and activities


I’m sure most of you are doing the same thing I’m doing right now. Spending time with family and friends, watching football, catching up on that book you’ve been dying to read, eating too much, and enjoying the occasional nap. Between now and the first week in January, you’ll get a chance to re-read some of the top posts of 2014. I may decide to jump in with something current but if I don’t, enjoy this Holiday […]




Some weeks ago Luca Bezzi wrote an interesting post about conversion of a grey-scale image into a 3D printable .stl file, using Free Software (i.e. G.I.M.P. to convert the image and Blender, with the “Image as plane” addon). Here is a video-tutorial: This method can be used for any image, but it is particulary useful to create physical model of terrains; in fact Luca Bezzi took inspiration from topography, as he explained in comments. Anyway, today there is a faster and […]

Leonardo Zampi

Open Access Archaeology Digest #641


Todays Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Infrastrutture idrauliche e viarie a Sutri. http://bit.ly/16vgF04 Examples of Ecclesiastical Architecture in Francehttp://bit.ly/11AcLV4 Notice of a Decorated Pavement in Haccombe Church, Devonshirehttp://bit.ly/12VxfCm Surface Archaeology of the Cache Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Lake County, Californiahttp://bit.ly/1vyYDuF Some Notes on the Ancient Encaustic Tiles in Tewkesbury Abbeyhttp://bit.ly/Z77hPd Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


All Things Fall – A Horrifying and Artistic Use of 3D Printing by Mat Collishaw


‘All Things Fall’ was inspired by The Massacre of the Innocents masterpieces, paintings which resonate with biblical horror. The brutality and struggle of the scenes depicted within the paintings are the epitome of classical artistic themes. London artist Mat Collishaw, the creator of a stunning, 3D printed zoetrope he calls ‘All Things Fall,’ said it was his aim to pay homage to the pieces that led him to build his rotating, terrifying modern update. Detail […]

TE Edwards

Newly Open Access Journal: TYCHE: Beiträge zur alten Geschichte, Papyrologie und Epigraphik – Contributions to Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy


TYCHE: Beiträge zur alten Geschichte, Papyrologie und Epigraphik – Contributions to Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy P-ISSN: 1010-9161 E-ISSN: 2409-5540 TYCHE is a scholarly journal based at the Department of Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy at the University of Vienna. This journal of high academic reputation has been published since 1986 and contains (double-blind) peer-reviewed articles in German, English, French, Italian and Latin. The scientific focus lies on the whole range of antiquity from the […]

Charles Jones

Holidays with Class(es): St. Entropy Gets Schooled


This is #25 in a series that, I’m happy to say, looks like it won’t end anytime soon. Enjoy a holiday break, and I look forward blogging with and for you in the new year.‘Twas the night before Christmas, but I was not done;Final grades for my students had yet to be run.All of the essays, exams, and the restHad to be scored, as did every test.All of the projects that took multiple tries(Note: if […]

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