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INRIA/Aviz Recruits an Engineer for the European Project Cendari


INRIA/Aviz Recruits an Engineer for the European Project Cendari. Requirements: Python/Django, ElasticSearch, HTML5/JavaScript/D3 The Aviz group at INRIA ( is seeking a talented and motivated engineer to work on the European project Cendari ( Cendari is an infrastructure project aimed at supporting historians and archivists working on the European history with a transnational approach (by opposition of a national approach). The Aviz group, specialist in Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction, is in charge of the Human-Computer […]

Open Access Journal: ENIM: Égypte nilotique et méditerranéenne


 [First posted 18 June 2009, most recently updated 17 September 2014] ENIM: Égypte nilotique et méditerranéenneISSN 2102-6629 ENiM est la première revue française numérique d’égyptologie. Elle est l’expression des activités de l’équipe « Égypte nilotique et méditerranéenne » de l’UMR 5140, « Archéologie des sociétés méditerranéennes ». Elle accueille aussi les travaux des autres membres de la communauté égyptologique internationale. Elle publie des travaux portant sur tous les aspects de l’Égypte ancienne, de la préhistoire […]

Wordless Wednesday: (Un)Real Estate


#3D printing, Mars, Wikihouse Follow the link in the photo caption to find out more. You can find more glimpses of the future (and links to associated articles) on CFM’s Pinterest Boards.  (0)

CHI Fellowship Introduction: Santos Ramos

Like many other Chican@s, my father’s family immigrated to Michigan from the Texas/Mexico borderlands in search of work. For us, this migration came a couple generations ago. So I grew up in Michigan, but have spent the past 3 years engaged in teaching and research experiences in Virginia and Cambodia. I am now back in Michigan as a PhD student in the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures department here at Michigan State University. I’m excited […]

Deadly injuries to skull and pelvis of Richard III revealed


New research gives a blow-by-blow account of the injuries inflicted on King Richard III’s body at the Battle of Bosworth Field on Aug 22, 1485 (0)

130,000 lbs Dinosaur, Dreadnoughtus, 3D Scanned, and Miniature Versions Being 3D Printed


Q: How do you study a 130,000-pound dinosaur? A: Any way it wants you to. We have seen numerous ways in which 3D technology has assisted in the research, documentation, and dissemination of information about dinosaurs. High school children have used 3D printers to replicate the bones of dinosaurs in order to study both the bones and the technology, and there is no shortage of other venues realizing the possibilities for 3D printed dinosaur memorabilia […]



See it on, via eMuseums Eye (0)

It’s that conference season again!


This month is just raining interesting conferences again! If you’re into the kind of research I like that is: social simulation, The Connected Past, and Historical Networks Research … Ooooooh Yeeeeaaah! Two weeks ago I was in Barcelona for the Social Simulation Conference and the Simulating the Past satellite conference. Reports of this event […] (0)

Museum Virals film project: how do you promote museums to young people?


Suzanne Cohen, filmmaker and educator This summer a group of young people on the autistic spectrum participated in a week-long workshop at the British Museum on how to make viral videos to promote the Museum to other young people. I delivered the course as part of the Camden Summer University programme in collaboration with speech and language therapists from Whittington Health NHS and British Museum Education Manager Katharine Hoare. The group started by looking at […]

Gamifying the museum: Educational games and museum pedagogy

Jeff and I are attending the Australian Independent Schools ICT Integration Conference 2014 at Loreto Normanhurst School embedding ourselves in the ways technology can assist in the contemporary classroom. Follow the #aisitic2014 hashtag for more. Download our Powerpoint Presentation here: Voyage presso AIS I will be presenting more of this work in our joint-authoured paper, […] (0)

TEI P5 Guidelines version 2.7.0 is released!


Today, Tuesday 16 September 2014, the TEI Consortium has released TEI P5 Guidelines version 2.7.0 (Codename: NinianTheEnlightener). This release introduces some additional recommendations (for example on text directionality) significant corrections to bugs, many publicly submitted feature requests, and especially inconsistencies of all sorts. This release was done jointly by two release technicians: Elli Mylonas (Brown University) and Syd Bauman (Northeastern University). Although our release procedure documentation is very detailed (see, this release raised yet […]

Capturing ancient Maya sites from both a rat's and a 'bat's eye view'


A trip to the Guatemalan jungle usually nets a few souvenirs: Photographs of Maya ruins, bragging rights about encounters with venomous snakes, perhaps a bug bite or two. (0)

Open Access Archaeology Digest #543


Your Open Access (free to read) Archaeology daily: Iron-smelting and salt-making industries in Northeast Thailand Material representations of status in the Dian culture Rethinking Scotland’s Neolithic: combining circumstance with context Stone emplacement in early Scottish churches:evidence of Early Christian craftsmanship Notice of (1) A Seventeenth-Century Sun-dial from Wigtownshire; and (2) a Stele, discovered in Galatia, Asia Minor, decorated with a design resembling the Mirror and Comb Symbols found in Scotland. Learn more about Open Access […]

Hundreds of CrowdSourcing 3D Printing Enthusiasts See Ben Franklinstein to Completion


Benjamin Franklin said himself that, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” And that is applicable even to the fun “things,” as WeTheBuilders has recently unveiled their second crowdsourced 3D printed sculpture, “Ben Franklinstein,” at the Silver Spring and World Maker Faire on September 14. In this project, launched in August by WeTheBuilders, “netizens” and “makers” spent the last month or so bustling about, each creating their own four-inch patchwork piece of the Ben Franklinstein, 3D printed […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy