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Media Lab Intern Spotlight: Rui Hu's Metropolitan Triangle Garden


Former Media Lab Intern Rui Hu outlines his recent 3D-animation project Metropolitan Triangle Garden, which has recently been accepted for screening in the 2014 Outcasting: Fourth Wall festival in Cardiff, Wales. (0)

Introducing curriculum guides for instructors


Alexandria, Map, 1619 | Image and original data provided by Bryn Mawr College Navigating the tremendous number of images in the Artstor Digital Library can be daunting, particularly to those in fields outside of art history. Where to start looking for images for, say, an Introduction to Philosophy class? To address that hurdle, we are introducing curriculum maps – collections of images from the Artstor Digital Library based on syllabi for college courses. Every curriculum […]

Digital Literacy and Digital Competence: Facts, Problems, Needs & Trends


International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence Extended deadline: 30 September 2014 Continue reading → (0)

Interning at the IHR


This post was kindly written for us by our intern Grace Karrachwood. During September 2014 I spent 3 weeks working as a ‘digital humanities’ intern at the IHR in Senate House, London. Though most of the previous interns here had opted to work for 3 or 4 days a week for the full month, I instead opted for 5 days for 3 weeks, meaning that the experience was particularly full on and almost felt like […]

Tracing the events of 1989


On 30 August, the Freedom Express started its journey through Eastern and Central Europe, wrapping up last week in Berlin after travelling through Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. Neil Bates of Europeana boarded the Freedom Express study trip as a participant and an ambassador for Europeana. Born in 1986, Neil was only 3 years old when the defining events of 1989 took shape; in this blog post he briefly shares his experiences […]

Slides Connected Past London available


The Connected Past conference in London this month was awesome! How awesome? Well you can judge that for yourself. We have made slides of most presentations available for download on Figshare. We will also make videos of most talks available online soon, so stay tuned for more! Tagged: conference, documentation, imperial college london, london, slides, […] (0)

Reconstructing a Newly Discovered Extinct Species of Crocodilian Using 3D Printing & Scanning


Noto using 3D printed crocodilian bones during an education outreach event. The model in my hand is the fossil crocodile’s arm bone, shrunk to 50% of its actual size. First appearing over 83 million years ago, were a species of large, predatorial reptiles now known as crocodilians, with their tough skins, sharp teeth and extremely strong jaws. Today, there are around two dozen different species of crocodilians on Earth, most of which are commonly known […]

The Museum Sacrifice Measure


How much are you willing to give up to work in a museum?  How much didyou give up to work in a museum? I’m not talking about quality of life issues like relocating to a new city, having to explain over and over again, at parties, what a “registrar” is, or spending the day in a windowless cubicle tucked in next to collections storage. I’m talking about cold hard cash. My head is filled with […]

Museum Studies and Digital Learning: A Work Placement


One of the final parts of the Museum Studies MA at University of Leicester is a two month work placement in a museum or gallery. It is an important part of the course, as it is a chance for all students to put into practice what they have been learning about all year and get some hands on experience. I have been fortunate enough to carry out my placement at the Imperial War Museum London […]

Faience figurines from Middle Kingdom Egypt


Gianluca Miniaci, Research Fellow, British Museum Faience hippopotamus found in tomb 477 at Matmar. (EA 63713) The British Museum has a fine collection of faience figurines made during the late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period (c. 1800–1550 BC). I have recently completed a three-month post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, during which time I studied and documented a total of 82 examples. Most of these glazed statuettes represent animals such […]

Open Access Journal: Noua Tellus: Anuario del Centro de Estudios Clásicos


Noua Tellus: Anuario del Centro de Estudios ClásicosISSN: 0185-3058 Noua Tellus publica artículos y notas de investigación de carácter filológico referentes a las lenguas y literaturas griega, latina y sánscrita clásicas, además de a su tradición, así como documentos, reseñas y noticias relativas a dichos campos de estudio. El Anuario del Centro de Estudios Clásicos Noua Tellus ofrece a sus lectores una útil guía de consulta, da crédito y reconocimiento a sus colaboradores, quienes la […]

Introducing #OpenCollections


For those of you who are dedicated followers of the Europeana Facebook and Twitter accounts,  you have probably already seen #OpenCollections in your newsfeed in the last couple of weeks. #OpenCollections highlights some of the most interesting and high quality collections from around Europe.   Harper’s nov’b’r by Edward Penfield, 1866-1925. Part of the collection of the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon. Public Domain Open? So why do we call them open collections and not just […]

Preferences for manly men and feminine women linked to urbanization


( —Preferences for highly masculine men and feminine women may emerge only in highly developed environments, according to new research from Brunel University London and the University of Bristol. (0)

Call for Hosting Conferences: The LLOH Prize (2015)


23 Sep 2014 The late EADH chair (2010-2012), Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen, attended conferences not only in the digital humanities but also in other disciplines. She was invariably interested in and encouraging of young scholars in particular, and she also spent a great deal of time in informal conversation with a wide range of colleagues. The Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen Young Scholar Prize was established in 2013 to honour her memory. The LLOH Prize is awarded to […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy