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IT education failing future tech staff


a survey conducted in UK doesn’t show a big faith in the new generation of IT consultants Laura Hughes, Training Manager at Crunch, said: “Many of our clients work in the tech and IT industries. It’s a fast growing sector with lots of opportunities, but there’s not enough talent. This research shows that much more needs to be done in education and with businesses to build skills and generate work experience in order to encourage […]


3D Printed Oreo Cookie Cameos: Artist Hand-Sculpts Creme, Scans and 3D Prints Replicas


Several factors go into creating great works of art. First you need a good artist, then that artist needs to form an idea. Originality is key for artists looking to establishing themselves among the elite. Those who go down in history are usually the ones who can come up with an idea never seen before within the field. They often combine multiple art techniques and perhaps multiple technologies to come with masterpieces unlike no other. One artist, […]


Visualising OS MasterMap Topography Layer Building Height Attribute in ArcGIS and ArcGlobe

In March 2014 Ordnance Survey (OS) published an alpha release of the much anticipated Building Height Attribute (BHA) dataset, which is an enhancement to OS MasterMap Topography Layer. You can read all about it in their blog post. In this blog we’re going to show you how to integrate the BHA dataset with buildings in the OS MasterMap Topography Layer to create a heighted buildings dataset and visualise it in 3D. We used ArcGIS 10.2 […]


Wordless Wednesday: Teenie Techie Turtles


#WearableTech #Biomonitoring #iOSinfants Follow the link in the photo caption to find out more. You can find more glimpses of the future (and links to associated articles) on CFM’s Pinterest Boards. 


Tools to Maximise Impact in Digital Cultural Heritage – workshop


Brussels (Belgium), 13 November 2014 The need for greater interaction and engagement with audiences and users is widely understood by those working in the the digital cultural heritage sector. But finding tools to help with this is difficult. This workshop will focus on how you … Continue reading →


Workshops for collection holders across Europe


Guest post by Sejul Malde, Culture24  Photo credit: Walter Naumann, CC BY-SA  Europeana, with Culture24 from the UK and Plurio.net from Luxembourg, are organising a series of three free workshops for collection holders across Europe that explore how digital collections can be used to better reach and engage tourist audiences. They’re being hosted by the Wallonia-Brussels Foundation, in Brussels and take place this November. The workshops have the following themes: 17 Nov 2014 – Art […]


Google Glass & Google Cardboard


We are hosting a Heritage & Play session today at York to test out & brainstorm about the possibilities of both Google Glass and Google Cardboard for heritage and archaeological practice. For those who have already used these tools and who would be keen to share your experiences, I’m making available our brainstorming document to you at this link. Similarly, if you haven’t used them, but have constructive ideas to share about their potential applications, […]


Parisian Haute Couture in the Early 1900s


What’s a better place to show of your new outfit than the popular horse racing tracks in a chic Westen neighbourhood of Paris. The popularity of Longchamp, where races were run for the first time in 1857, signalled a general revival in French horse racing, making it the perfect place for designers and fashion lovers to show their new outfit. The early 1900s mark the full flowering of Parisian haute couture as the arbiter of […]


INNOVA – Virtual Archaeology International Network


fostering international discussion and communication about heritage in the Digital Age The main objective of the Network is to promote coordinated research, innovation and training among all researchers around the world, working in the field of Virtual Archeology, forging closer links between those who develop their work in public institutions and those who do so from the private sector. Continue reading →


Open & Hybrid Publishing pilot, on air!


Joanna Zylinska was invited to Resonance 104.4fm’s Making Conversations series The programme tried to answer questions such as: What are the new models in relation to business, knowledge and information-sharing which are influencing academic publishing today? Can we start to predict future trends? What needs to change, when and why? Continue reading →


What's Your $12,720 Idea for New Ways of Engaging with Audiences?


Imagine an institution with a commitment to rigor, depth, and delight in the exploration of contemporary culture.Imagine a prize competition to develop new experimental approaches to engaging audiences.Imagine these two together. The Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) has just launched a new biennial Cultural Innovation International Prize. The theme this year is “audiences.” They are soliciting project proposals for innovative forms of audience engagement. The strongest proposals will be wholly original and theoretically grounded. […]


Say Digital Humanities One More Time…


Early Modernists have done impressive work in the digital humanities as of late. This exciting shift in methodology allows greater opportunity to complete original research as well introduce new pedagogical techniques into our classrooms. In the end, I view digital projects as tools; tools used for collaboration, teaching, and further research. This blog post will introduce a couple of recent early modern digital projects. But first, the old faithfuls…   Early English Books Online (EEBO), […]


Open Access Archaeology Digest #578


Learn more about Archaeology, History, Anthropology, etc. Open Access (free to read) articles: On English Medieval Embroideryhttp://bit.ly/Yrh7b6 Original Document of William de Percy, died 1245http://bit.ly/108NFpF Current Research on the Rock Art at Gua Tambun, Perak, Malaysiahttp://bit.ly/1ksItLe Notes of Antiquities in Loch Alsh and Kintail.http://bit.ly/12sdZSK Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


Open Access Journal: Siedlungsforschung. Archäologie – Geschichte – Geographie


 [First posted in AWOL 2 August 2010. Updated 21 October 2014 (changed location online)] Siedlungsforschung. Archäologie – Geschichte – GeographieISSN: 0175–0046 Die Zeitschrift “Siedlungsforschung: Archäologie – Geschichte – Geographie” enthält Aufsätze, Miszellen, Rezensionsartikel, Berichte und Bibliographien. Die Zeitschrift erscheint in einem Band von ca. 300 Seiten im Verlag “Siedlungsforschung” in Bonn. Bei den persönlichen Mitgliedern des “Arbeitskreises für historische Kulturlandschaftsforschung in Mitteleuropa e.V.” ist der Bezugspreis im Jahresbeitrag enthalten. The following volumes are available online: […]

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