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Open Access Monograph Series: Ur Excavations


Publications of the Joint Expedition of the British Museum and of the University Museum,University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia to Mesopotamia: Ur Excavations Woolley, Leonard, Sir, 1880-1960. Ur Excavations II: The Royal Cemetery, Text. ETANA. 1927. Woolley, Leonard, Sir, 1880-1960. Ur Excavations II: The Royal Cemetery, Plates.. ETANA. 1927.  Woolley, Leonard, Sir, 1880-1960. Ur excavations IV: The Early Periods. ETANA. 1927. Woolley, Leonard, Sir, 1880-1960. Ur Excavations V: The ziggurat and its surroundings. 1939.  Woolley, Leonard, Sir, […]

Call for Contributions: ELO 2015 Conference – Bergen, Norway


Call for Contributions: ELO 2015 Conference – Bergen, Norway The End(s) of Electronic Literature  The 2015 Electronic Literature Organization conference and festival will take place August 5-7th 2015. The conference website is at: The conference will be hosted by the Bergen Electronic Literature research group at the University of Bergen, Norway with sessions at venues including the University of Bergen, Det Akademiske Kvarteret, the Bergen Public Library, the University of Bergen Arts library, and local […]

The oldest footprints outside of Africa: an interview with Dr. Sarah M. Duffy about the imaging of this incredible find


Sarah Duffy, PhD is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of York in the Department of Archaeology. In May of 2013, after a series of storms, ancient footprints were revealed on a beach near Happisburgh (pronounced “Hays-boro”) on Britain’s east coast in Norfolk (see a 6-minute video). The footprints were fragile and washing away a little day by day. Sarah was called to the site by Dr. Nick Ashton, Curator of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic collections […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #549


Open Access (free to read) articles: Patterns of interaction in Southern Cook Island prehistory Silchester Roman Town Insula IX: The Development of an Urban Property c. AD 40-50 – c. AD 250 Notes on Specimens of Wrought Gold, forming a portion of the Ashanti Indemnity A late 14th-century coin hoard from Tranent, East Lothian Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

CHI Fellow Introduction: Christine Neejer


When we think about business and industry in the nineteenth-century United States, a few archetypes come to mind: the wealthy tycoon, the factory worker, the inventor, and the small business owner. Most of us usually imagine these people as men. This is not an accident, but a result of what we learned in high school and college history courses about nineteenth-century life. Images of young girls working in textile mills may come to mind, but […]

What archaeologists do: Research Design and the Media Archaeology Drive Project (MAD-P)


Colleen and I have just published the research design for our media archaeology project on Savage Minds. MAD-P – The Media Archaeology Drive Project – is indebted to our colleague Neil Gevaux, who has helped us to secure the materials at the core of our studies. Your comments on the design are so much appreciated, and stay tuned for our forthcoming posts on the recording, analysis and interpretation of our field site: a found hard drive. […]

Adventure is for Archaeologists


For those that know me personally, my life has been falling apart for the last few weeks. If I didn’t know I lived a charmed life, I’d think my life sucked. But, I know all obstacles are challenges and I haven’t been dealt a hand that I can’t win the game with. There have been […] (0)

The Forbidden City Under Construction: VMFA Wants to Build 3D Printed Replica


The Forbidden City will soon be under construction once again—this time, with the use of 3D printers rather than bricks and sticky rice, enthusiastic artisans rather than captured slaves, and a month’s work, rather than 14 years of hard labor. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond, VA, exhibiting Forbidden City from October 18, 2014 to January 11, 2015, has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Razoo to raise $40,000 for plans to build a […]

Open Scriptures: Platform for the development of open scriptural linked data and its applications


Open Scriptures: Platform for the development of open scriptural linked data and its applications Open Scriptures seeks to be a comprehensive open-source Web repository for integrated scriptural data and a general application framework for building internationalized social applications of scripture. An abundance of scriptural resources are now available online—manuscripts, translations, and annotations are all being made available by students and scholars alike at an ever-increasing rate. These diverse scriptural resources, however, are isolated from each […]

Viking Ireland – the Videos


In order to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf, the National Museum of Ireland have produced a superb set of videos depicting various aspects of Viking Age Ireland. You can find the Museum’s Website for these videos here… Or you can find the individual videos on Youtube: Viking Ireland 1 – Weapons – The AxeViking Ireland 2 – Weapons – The SwordViking Ireland 3 – Viking Wealth and TradeViking Ireland 4 – Viking Women […]

TAG 2014: OK Computer? Digital Public Archaeologies in Practice

Call for PapersCommunity or public archaeology has often emphasised communities defined by an attachment to place, often defined by the archaeological site (cf. Simpson 2008); increasingly digital technologies allow a breakdown of this privileging of physical place and the concept of ‘community’ (cf. Waterton 2005; 2010), to connect geographically disparate populations. Digital public archaeology projects have emphasised crowd-sourcing, engagment, dissemination, and publicity using blogs, social media, webfeeds and so on (e.g. Richardson 2012, 2013; Bonacchi […]

British Museum to be Digitally Recreated in Minecraft


The British Museum is seeking to digitally recreate the institution in the wildly popular world building engine Minecraft. The Museum is seeking to use crowdsourcing to make the project happen and has already reached out to the internet for vounteers. The project is part of the British Museum’s “Museum of the Future” initiative. (0)

Monday Musing: Yet Another Pass at Virtual v. Analog Art Experiences


This Monday’s 15 minute musing. Last week Amit Sood, director of the Google Cultural Institute, announcedthat 15 new museums were launching exhibits on the Google Art Project. That project is gaining serious momentum—the article reports that the Cultural Institute hosts: 500 partners from over 60 countries 6.2 million objects and artifacts 19 million unique visitors from June 2013 to June 2014 200 million page views in just one year Sood has evidently picked up on a […]

Photographs: Deir Ain Abata Project


Dr. Konstantinos Dino Politis has made available to APAAME his collection of slides and negatives taken in the course of aerial reconnaissance in Jordan over a period from the early 1990s until the early 2000s. The collection includes informal photography taken from commercial flights flying in and out of Amman as well as professional aerial photography taken by Dr. Politis and his team from a helicopter in the course of their research. A starring feature […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy