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Freedom Express: Final Leg – Germany


The Freedom Express ended its historic journey in Germany over the weekend, concluding an intensive study trip for a group of 20 young Europeans. The participants travelled through six countries in Eastern and Central Europe to discover traces of the different revolutions that swept across the region in 1989. In Germany, the participants set out to explore their final stop, Berlin, the city that was once divided into East and West. With the fall of the Berlin Wall […]

References, Please – A NYR Article on Footnotes in the Age of the Internet


A New York Review of Books blog post by Tim Parks on footnotes in a digital era. From the article: “Simply, it’s time to admit that the Internet has changed the way we do scholarship and will go on changing it. There is so much inertia in the academic world, so much affection for fussy old ways. People love getting all the brackets and commas and abbreviations just so. Perhaps it gives them a feeling […]

Digital Epigraphy


The Oriental Institute has released a new book titled Digital Epigraphy, a manual for the methods that they are using to record items found in their Epigraphic Survey. During the past several decades the Epigraphic Survey has refined its conventions and recording methodologies to fit with the widely divergent nature of the inscribed surfaces we record and the changing conditions in Egypt that are resulting in the accelerating decay of those inscribed surfaces. For the past […]

Open Source Computing and GIS in the UK

Two weeks ago now saw the return of the OSGIS conference in Nottingham, after a year off in 2013 for FOSS4G. I think there had been mixed feelings about this event; those of us heavily involved in the organisation of FOSS4G 2013 had taken a back seat this year, and with FOSS4G 2014 imminent in Portland, it was clearly going to be a smaller scale get together. I have to say that overall, my impression […]

Privacy in a Watchful World TW 14 update


This is one of a series of mid-year updates on the 2014 TrendsWatch trends. I’ve already posted entries on Big Data, Social Entrepreneurship, the Sharing Economy and Robots, as well as updates on the Crowdsourcing and Philanthropy trends from previous editions of TrendsWatch. Balancing the promise of big data, TrendsWatch 2014 looked at the privacy issues raised by our accelerating collection and sharing of data on every aspect of our lives. I’ve shared my utopian […]

Why is Smith Street important? (Nerd Nite Melbourne, 7PM, October 14)


If you are free on the night of October 14, come to Mr Wows Emporium, 79B Smith Street, Fitzroy (upstairs), to Nerd Night Melbourne.  This is a night were specialists (nerds) talk about all sorts of subjects from environmental politics, moon-landing crafts, and pharmaceutical research. And on the night of October the 14th, I will be talking about the history of Smith Street, with two other speakers (on different subjects). Why is Smith Street important? […]

Free seminars from Collections Trust around England


The Collections Trust Seminars London | Manchester | Brighton | York | Exeter | Colchester #ctskills The Collections Trust, with funding and support from Arts Council England, has developed a series of free seminars that will provide you with the know-how to improve the use of technology in your museum and assist you with your collections development strategy. The first seminar will take place in London on 6 October 2014. Book your free place now! Who should […]

CHI Fellowship Introduction: J. M. Bradshaw


I study the history of greater Western Sahara, an area that stretches from southern Morocco to the upper reaches of the Senegal river. The project I plan to develop with Matrix through my CHI fellowship will take a broad look at the African Islamic World as it appears in Anglophone media. I will present the relationship between the Anglophone world and Islamic Africa. I will also explore the different ways Anglophone art, and literature have […]

You’re bringing whiteboard markers to a gun fight


I’ve talked about this in the past. Both the positive impact of technology on learning and the ability of tech to create distracted students who have difficulty thinking deeply. I admit I’m still torn. I get it from both sides – many of my colleagues are strong supporters of tech in the classroom, of back channels, of hashtags during instruction.  And I would probably fall on that side of the argument. I do multiple tech […]

Remedying the Plight of the Archaeological Technician


I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Facebook Group “North American Archaeological Tech Forum”. Conversations on there are lively and cover a lot of relevant topics that matter to cultural resource management archaeologists across the country. One particular conversation regarding professionalism has sent some shockwaves through the group, garnering over 120 comments since August […] (0)

Open Access Archaeology Digest #542


Open Access (free to read) archaeology articles for everyone: Excavations at Mumrills Roman Fort, 1958-60 Interview with Mike Parker Pearson Report on a large hoard of Anglo-Saxon Pennies, in Silver, found in the Island of Islay; Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

The Moral Role of DH in a Data-Driven World


A transcript of Scott Weingart’s closing keynote address at the 2014 Digital Humanities Forum in Lawrence, Kansas. The address discusses morality and ethics in network analysis and the role/responsibility of the humanities (0)

First Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen Awards Presented


15 Sep 2014 Prof. William Kretzschmar, Jr. presented the Lisa Lena Opas-Hänninen awards for best poster by a young scholar at the Methods in Dialectology XV banquet on Thurs. Aug. 14, 2014. The prize competition and reception were generously sponsored by the Alliance for Digital Humanities Organizations and was open to students or scholars whose Ph.D. was earned less than three years earlier. The choice was determined by a three-member jury, chaired by Bill Kretzschmar, […]

Open Access Ancient Law Journals


These are the open access eJournals focused on ancient law of which I am aware.  Are there others?  Please let me know. Byblos: Revista de Historiografía Histórico-Jurídica Dike: Rivista di Storia del Diritto Greco ed Ellenistico  Diritto@Storia: Rivista Internazionale di Scienza Giuridiche e Tradizione Romano Forum Historiae Iuris Iura Orientalia: Rassegna Scientifica on-line sui Diritti Orientali Antichi e Moderni Ius Antiquum / Ivs Antiqvvm = Drevnee Pravo Jahrbücher für historische und dogmatische Bearbeitung des römischen […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy