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The Ancient World in JSTOR


This is the full list of journals in JSTOR with substantial focus on the Ancient World. [Originally posted 6/24/09. Most recently updated 2 September 2014] JSTOR is not open access, but many will have access to it through institutional licenses.  JSTOR also offers a free limited-reading option, Register & Read, for those without institutional access, and has lanched JPASS – a monthly or annual pass that provides access to 1,500 journals from JSTOR’s archive collection. […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #529


Lots of great Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: A Late Bronze Age Hoard from Welby, Leicestershire The Reigate Stone Research Project The Gallo-Roman cremation cemeteries of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – initial findings of current research Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

2 Google Chrome extensions I’m falling in love with


I’ve been on a bit of a Chrome browser / Chromebook / Google Apps for Education kick lately. There’s always been a strong connection between me and Google but we’ve been hanging out a lot more the last month or so. Firefox has been ticking me off since last spring and so I migrated over to Chrome during the summer. I got my first Chromebook in July. Had the chance to do some training on […]

MemorySharing tells the History through your stories


Connecting generations and sharing memories with digitised contents MemorySharing is a project which aims to create a new way for increasing the value of a community’s memories and private documents, by combining web technologies, scientific accuracy and creative approach in the multimedia sharing/telling of contents. Its main objective is to connect generations, actively engaging aged and young people. MemorySharing is a project by the cultural association Acquario della Memoria, whose essential aim is to experiment […]

Upgrading Open Context


With summer wrapping up and a new fellowship about to begin, it’s time to share some updates about Open Context. Warning! Much of this post is pretty geeky. So if you don’t enjoy geeking out on the nitty-gritty of archaeological informatics issue, you’re welcome to move on to something else! I’m busy working with John Ward on completely rebuilding Open Context from scratch. Open Context is now over 7 years old, and has already gone […]

You Go First


“We’re right on the edge but we need a little push  Dancing on the tightrope wearing it thin  Instead of closing our eyes and jumping in”  –Jessica Andrews  Sometime change is painful. Very painful. Giving up cherished traditions, abandoning the comforts of certitude, challenging assumptions about the way your life and career are going to play out—these things are not easy. That’s why in stable, comfortable times, only a small percentage of people, a minority […]

Together again: the complete “Migration” series by Jacob Lawrence


Jacob Lawrence, The Migration of the Negro Panel no. 3: In every town Negroes were leaving by the hundreds to go North and enter into Northern industry, 1940 – 1941. Image and original data provided by The Phillips Collection, © 2005 Estate of Gwendolyn Knight Lawrence / Artists Rights Society (ARS) Jacob Lawrence painted “The Migration of the Negro,” a series of 60 small panels describing the passage of African-Americans from the rural South to the […]

Digital Classicist New England seminar 2015 CFP


[original link] We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the third series of the Digital Classicist New England (Boston?). This initiative, inspired by and connected to London’s Digital Classicist Work in Progress Seminar, is organized in association with the Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University. It will run during the spring term of the academic year 2014/15. We invite submissions on any kind of research which employs digital methods, resources or technologies […]

eCultValue 3rd Dialogue Day, during The Best in Heritage event


Dubrovnik (Croatia), 25 September 2014 On the occasion of The Best in Heritage annual event, the eCult Observatory organises its third Dialogue Day on 25 September 2014 in Dubrovnik. The aim of the eCult Dialogue Days is to foster the communication between technology providers and cultural heritage institutions, … Continue reading → (0)

Guidelines for digitization and data preservation


The principles produced by Digisam aim to support strategic decisions and to help coordinate digital information efficiently. The main task of Digisam is promoting the achievement of the objectives of the Swedish national strategy for digitisation, but among its activities one key focus is on international dissemination. The latest release in English is about guiding principles for working with digital cultural heritage and for enabling effective cooperation regarding digitisation and its related processes. Continue reading […]

Stewarding Early Space Data: An Interview with Emily Frieda Shaw


Emily Frieda Shaw, Head of Preservation and Reformatting at Ohio State University Preserving and managing research data is a significant concern for scientists and staff at research libraries. With that noted, many likely don’t realize the length of time in which valuable scientific data has accrued on a range of media in research settings. That is, data management often needs to be both backward- and forward-looking, considering a range of legacy media and formats as […]

Open Access Journal: Erga-Logoi: Rivista di storia, letteratura, diritto e culture dell’antichità


Erga-Logoi: Rivista di storia, letteratura, diritto e culture dell’antichitàOnline ISSN: 2282-3212Print ISSN: 2280-9678 Erga-Logoi è una rivista, soggetta a peer-review, di storia, letteratura, diritto e culture dell’antichità; un concetto, quest’ultimo, da intendere in senso ampio sul piano dell’estensione geografica e cronologica. Il titolo è stato scelto per sottolineare, evocando il proemio metodologico di Tucidide - benché la contrapposizione abbia ovviamente, in quel contesto, valore diverso -, l’intento di guardare al mondo antico prestando attenzione sia al “fatto” (gli […]

Leeds College of Music AR Project


Over the past couple of months Jisc Mimas have been involved in leading the technical development of a new Augmented Reality resource around the music production studios in Leeds College of Music working with Craig Golding and Ruth Clark. It hopes to support students  working/studying in the music studios by displaying 3D visual overlays, technical documentation and other media assets, linking them to the physical production equipment in front of them. Using iPads, students stand in front of […]

Web service correspSearch (beta version) now online


Dear colleagues, With the new web service “correspSearch” ( you may search within the metadata of various scholarly letter editions with regard to senders, addressees, as well as places and time of origin. For this purpose, a website and an application programming interface (API) are provided. The web service assembles and analyzes data which is based on the projected TEI module “correspDesc” (proposed by the TEI SIG Correspondence). With correspDesc it is possible to record […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy