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Open Access Archaeology Digest #528


A nice batch of Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Notice of the death of Robert Blackader, Archbishop of Glasgow, during a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in the year 1508. RECONSTRUCTING MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGICAL ORGANISATION AT THE QIJIA JUE EARRING WORKSHOP IN WESTERN ZHOU (1046-771 BC) CHINA Excavations at the Catstane, Midlothian 1977 Archaeological Research of the Medieval Settlement on the Position of Rudičevo in Torčec near Koprivnica Archaeological Excavations at […]

American Museum of Natural History Assigns Students Clever 3D Scanning & Printing Dinosaur Project


This summer, students used 3D printing technology to re-create the skeleton of a dinosaur at The American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Rather than studying the bones behind glass or even being allowed to handle plaster casts, these students are directly involved in the actual creation of the bones themselves. They are given a set of fossils from the museum’s collection and then shown how to create 3D models in order to […]

The Invisible Serdika under Sofia


A mobile application discovers the hidden ancient city Invisible Serdika is a mobile app that reveals objects of historical significance in the ancient city of Serdika, situated at the present location of the Bulgarian capital (Sofia). This tool enables you to get a realistic insight into some of the places, now hidden under the ground, emphasises on some of the unknown cultural aspects related to them by granting access to the especially edited multimedia tales […]

Local history in Europeana


By Jef Malliet, Europeana Awareness produced ‘Guidelines for Europeana users interested in pursuing local or family history themes’. We believe that this document contains valuable elements for further work, reflection and discussion beyond the context of the EAwareness project and that it is worth sharing with the wider Europeana community. Europeana Awareness (2012-2014) wants to encourage participation in Europeana among new users and contributors. New or improved technical solutions are developed. Additional new partnerships […]

Figurines provide clue to Olmec trading links in Mexico


The identification of eight new sites in southwestern Mexico, where Olmec influence can be confirmed, indicates an overland trade network from the Gulf to the Pacific (0)

Why should you attend UKMW2014, ‘Museums beyond the Web’?


  Why attend UKMW14? We think you’ll have a great time, learn lots and meet fascinating people. But if you need to make a a case to your boss, or include it in your professional development plan, here’s why we think UKMW is an essential part of your museum learning this year… The cut & paste in an email to your boss version   I need to attend UKMW14 to find out about the latest […]

Early 20th Century Water Cyclists


Cycling on water, it’s something we have been doing for decades. A water cycle is a bicycle-like watercraft that makes it possible for us move on water using our own legs. In the late 1890s this invention got the name hydrocycle. To move forward, riders use a crank with pedals just as on a bicycle. The power the rider then puts into the pedals will be shifted to the water or the air via a […]

#239 – SAA2015 BlogArch and Social Media Session

Click my poorly drawn image to go to the SAA submission system. The submission deadline for the 2015 SAAs in San Francisco is September 11! Check out the title and abstract of the Social Media symposium I’ve set up and feel free to submit a paper. Not Just Blogging Archaeology – Media and Social Media’s Influence on Archaeology Since the time of Renfrew and Binford, archaeology as a profession has embraced both a scientific methodology […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #527


Get your Open Access (free to read) archaeology fix: Notes on a Stone Circle in Wigtownshire. Note on the Proclamation for Disarming of the Highlands in 1746. The San Diego Archaeological Center and the Future of Curation Further work at Bolingbroke Castle, Lincolnshire A morphological study of some old and new Pleistocene discoveries from Java Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

ASOR Syrian Heritage Initiative


ASOR Syrian Heritage Initiative The Department of State and the American Schools of Oriental Research have established a 12-month, multipronged program — the Syrian Heritage Initiative (SHI) — to plan and implement cultural property protection and preservation projects in Syria in the short- and long-term to address the ongoing crisis and to prepare for the inevitable reconstruction process. SHI consists of three major units: cultural heritage communications, satellite remote sensing and mapping, and preservation planning. […]

New content, new contributors


Eric Raymond popularized the phrase “release early, release often” as a philosophy for software development. It works for digital scholarhip, too. We’re happy to announce today an early release of a facsimile browser incorporating new material from our photography in the Escorial last summer. The digital facsimile edition requires data about the manuscripts (including what folios appear in what sequence), an index aligning each folio with a canonical citation of lines of the Iliad, and […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #526


Open Access (free to read) archaeology articles for everyone: On the Examination of Two Hut-Circles in the Strath of Kildonan, Sutherlandshire, one of which has an Earth House annexed. Excavation of Rudh’ an Dunain Cave, Skye. On the Monumental Effigies in Coberley Church, Gloucestershire An Anglo-Saxon ornamental silver strip from the Cuerdale hoard Medieval Britain in 1966 Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: (0)

Designer Creates Seven 3D Printed Heels Representing the Seven Deadly Sin


Shoe shopping can be regarded as a fairly widespread sin for many women around the globe. Well, a sinful pleasure, to be exact.  “Just this one pair and that’s it!”, “I must/need/absolutely can’t live without these!” and “Come to mama!” are just some of commonly used phrases by women who have encountered yet another pair of their latest irresistible foot adornment. 7 deadly sins – 3D printed heelsSource: Perhaps Belgian shoe designer Katrien Herdewyn had […]

Archaeology Day 2014 my day

Where did you say you left those epistemological cleavers and ontological chisels? July 11th, 2014 was this year’s designated Day of Archaeology, a day for any archaeologist to share some aspect of their working life with the world at large. Here are some of the things that were preoccupying me that day. Early that morning, I walked down a mountain through olive groves, with the pre dawn breeze wafting me gently on, to catch a bus from the […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy