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#NCSS14: Four Sweet Strategies – Reading & Writing in the Elementary Classroom


This morning, Deb Brown and I presented a workshop on different strategies elementary teachers can use in their classrooms. We had a great time! If you’re interested, we put all of the goodies in a Dropbox folder. You can get the  goodies here. Quick agenda? Pathway strategies including questioning and graphic organizers such as POSERS Three Stage Media Analysis Collaborative document analysis using Padlet Product creation using Our Story We also looked at a variety of […]


Antiquity Online Supplements


Antiquity Online Supplements Antiquity online supplements present supporting data and materials from articles published in Antiquity journal. Data and materials are published in recognised web formats wherever possible, but additional plugins and third-party software may be required to view some files. Issue 341, Vol 88 – September 2014 The socioeconomic status of Iron Age metalworkers: animal economy in the ‘Slaves’ Hill’, Timna, Israel Issue 341, Vol 88 – September 2014 The Hasanlu (Iran) Gold Bowl […]

Charles Jones

Nine-month internship in the Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts section


The British Library is pleased to be able to offer a paid internship in the Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts section of the Western Heritage Department for a doctoral or post-doctoral student in History, History of Art or other relevant subject. Magna Carta, 1215, Cotton MS Augustus ii.106 The…

Sarah J Biggs

#NCSS14: Mapping the Social Studies


So. Very. Tired. I love social studies but my feet hurt. My brain is full. The back of my head is buzzing from the last of more than several caffeinated drinks. And what seems like an endless series of apparently important meetings (instead of awesome sessions). It’s been a long two days. Too much learning, history nerdness, and Diet Pepsi. Yeah, I know. Pretty much the ultimate in first world problems. One more session today. Then the […]


Open Access Archaeology Digest #610


Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Notice of an Ornamented Stone Cup found at Balmacaan, Glenurquhart.http://bit.ly/ZfOTjs Account of the Excavation of two Hut-Circles of the Bronze Age, in the Parish of Muirkirk, Ayrshire. With a Description of the Objects found.http://bit.ly/Z4ZkcJ Notice of a Sculptured Stone with Ogham Inscription, from Latheron, presented to the National Museum by Sir Francis Tress Barry, Bart., M.P. Hon. F.S.A. Scot., Keiss Castle, Caithness; and of Two Sculptured Stones, recently […]


#NCSS14: Legacy Voices of Civil Rights Heroes


I am so looking forward to this session. This is very cool. Seriously. How cool is it to listen to stories from people like this? The daughter of Fred Korematsu, Karen Korematsu; Anthony Chavez, the grandson of Cesar Chávez; and Kenneth B. Morris, Jr., the great great great grandson of Frederick Douglass and great great grandson of Booker T. Washington are sharing stories personal anecdotes about their famous relatives and talking about how their work reflects the legacies of these […]


#NCSS14: Social Media as Inquiry Tool


An interesting conversation that I joined late. Members of the NCSS Technology Community are working to develop policy and recommendations that they will deliver to the NCSS Board of Directors. It’s an important conversation that I wish we could spend more time with this topic. Very interesting topic. And it’s not just whether or not we use tools, it’s the actual use of the tools. As Dr. Joe O’Brien said, Leaving the house without your […]


ASCSA Digital Collections


ASCSA Digital Collections Explore the collections of the American School of Classical Studies by using the sidebar on the left or the search box above. To confine your search to a single collection, click on one of the links below. Libraries Ambrosia: Union Catalog of Libraries Excavations Corinth Excavations Athenian Agora Excavations Archives Alison Frantz Photography Dorothy Burr Thompson Photography Archaeological Photographic Collection Photographs from the Historical Archives Ion Dragoumis Correspondence Sign in to view […]

Charles Jones

3D Printing Allows Man to Preserve & Replicate a Piece of Family History in Incredible Fashion


3D printed replica (photo by Preston McFarland) The way that this world works is that objects are built up, and then thanks in part to both Mother Nature and human interaction, they break down and return to the very earth that they came from. This is true with just about everything that exists on Earth, whether it is a building such as the Colosseum in Rome, a tree growing in your backyard, or a stone that […]

Eddie Krassenstein

Open Access Archaeology Digest #609


Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Il “castrum” di San Salvatore (Bernalda, Mt) Indagine archeologica di emergenza . http://bit.ly/10x48sS Personal ornaments in Thai prehistory: some preliminary observations from Nong Nor, Central Thailandhttp://bit.ly/1ukpqUy [LATER PREHISTORY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA AND EARLIEST CONTACTS WITH INDIA] In search of Suvarnabhumi: early sailing networks in the Bay of Bengalhttp://bit.ly/1ukpraO Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


#NCSS14: Tasty tech tools that align to the C3 Inquiry Arc


Be warned. This is a post that is nothing but blatant and intentional propaganda. Yup. A quick post about my first session here at the NCSS conference. The goal of Three Tasty Tech Tools for Integrating the C3 Inquiry Arc is to quickly share a basic structure of what a lesson / unit design might look like when using online tools. My goal is not to suggest that there’s is the only way to do this but […]


Some Open Access Articles from Chronique d’Égypte


 [First posted in AWOL 5 January 2011, updated 21 November 2014] The website of Chronique d’Égypte (ISSN 0009-6067) includes links to a set of open access articles:   [The following articles are no longer on the official website but remain accessible at the Internet Archive links below] Quelques contributions récentes sont disponibles ici en version pdf: ·  Herman De Meulenaere, Sculptures dorées d’Abydos (2004) – version pdf ·  Jean Bingen, Herman De Meulenaere, Luc Limme […]

Charles Jones

THE – The Heritage Explorer (Magazine) Crowdfunder


THE- The Heritage Explorer (Magazine) Support us in launching a printed magazine that explores the history, archaeology, travel, culture and exploration of the world. THE Heritage Explorer is an exciting print magazine and publishing business proposal dedicated to delivering you the latest exploration, travel, archaeology, culture and heritage news. A concept born out of the aspirations of a team of journalists, archaeologists and historians to build a credible and sustainable publishing business that will not […]


Friday links: Flemish hippos and superheroes, problematic dioramas, more


Photographer: Robert Howlett | Isambard Kingdom Brunel, builder of the Great Eastern | ca. 1857-1858 | George Eastman House, eastmanhouse.org Some stories we’ve been reading this week: Flemish hippo How did Rubens manage to make an accurate painting of a hippopotamus without having ever seen one? (And why was Dürer not so lucky with his rhino?) Flemish superheroes And while on the subject of Rubens, did you ever wonder what superheroes would have looked like in 17th century […]

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