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3D Printing Allows Man to Preserve & Replicate a Piece of Family History in Incredible Fashion


3D printed replica (photo by Preston McFarland) The way that this world works is that objects are built up, and then thanks in part to both Mother Nature and human interaction, they break down and return to the very earth that they came from. This is true with just about everything that exists on Earth, whether it is a building such as the Colosseum in Rome, a tree growing in your backyard, or a stone that […]

Eddie Krassenstein

Open Access Archaeology Digest #609


Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Il “castrum” di San Salvatore (Bernalda, Mt) Indagine archeologica di emergenza . http://bit.ly/10x48sS Personal ornaments in Thai prehistory: some preliminary observations from Nong Nor, Central Thailandhttp://bit.ly/1ukpqUy [LATER PREHISTORY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA AND EARLIEST CONTACTS WITH INDIA] In search of Suvarnabhumi: early sailing networks in the Bay of Bengalhttp://bit.ly/1ukpraO Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


#NCSS14: Tasty tech tools that align to the C3 Inquiry Arc


Be warned. This is a post that is nothing but blatant and intentional propaganda. Yup. A quick post about my first session here at the NCSS conference. The goal of Three Tasty Tech Tools for Integrating the C3 Inquiry Arc is to quickly share a basic structure of what a lesson / unit design might look like when using online tools. My goal is not to suggest that there’s is the only way to do this but […]


Some Open Access Articles from Chronique d’Égypte


 [First posted in AWOL 5 January 2011, updated 21 November 2014] The website of Chronique d’Égypte (ISSN 0009-6067) includes links to a set of open access articles:   [The following articles are no longer on the official website but remain accessible at the Internet Archive links below] Quelques contributions récentes sont disponibles ici en version pdf: ·  Herman De Meulenaere, Sculptures dorées d’Abydos (2004) – version pdf ·  Jean Bingen, Herman De Meulenaere, Luc Limme […]

Charles Jones

THE – The Heritage Explorer (Magazine) Crowdfunder


THE- The Heritage Explorer (Magazine) Support us in launching a printed magazine that explores the history, archaeology, travel, culture and exploration of the world. THE Heritage Explorer is an exciting print magazine and publishing business proposal dedicated to delivering you the latest exploration, travel, archaeology, culture and heritage news. A concept born out of the aspirations of a team of journalists, archaeologists and historians to build a credible and sustainable publishing business that will not […]


Friday links: Flemish hippos and superheroes, problematic dioramas, more


Photographer: Robert Howlett | Isambard Kingdom Brunel, builder of the Great Eastern | ca. 1857-1858 | George Eastman House, eastmanhouse.org Some stories we’ve been reading this week: Flemish hippo How did Rubens manage to make an accurate painting of a hippopotamus without having ever seen one? (And why was Dürer not so lucky with his rhino?) Flemish superheroes And while on the subject of Rubens, did you ever wonder what superheroes would have looked like in 17th century […]


Arc-Team: Conflict Archaeology of the First World War on the Carnic ridge and in the Sexten Dolomites


With the centenary years 2014–2018, a hitherto relatively unknown branch of archaeological research, the so-called conflict archaeology, is coming into the limelight. Since  excavation work is able to supply only very selective assertions on account of the enormous extent of the mountain front, the overriding objective of monument conservation in the years to come must focus on taking stock of all material remains from the WWI era. As a result of the developments in satellite […]

Rupert Gietl

Introducing the Tallinn Collector


The Tallinn Collector is a website that showcases Soviet-era tourism guides and brochures to the Estonian capital, Tallinn. It gives its readers a glimpse of what life was like in the 70’s and 80’s, and a taste of Soviet propaganda. It is a great example of how cultural objects from another era can be preserved, re-used and shared with a wider audience. Here, we talk to Tomas Alexandersson, the Swede behind the project. Tomas Alexandersson […]


#NCSS14: Session Two – Connecting Your Government Class and the Real World


Presented by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, my #NCSS14 session two focused on ways to engage students directly with actual issues in their communities through direct civic action. They suggest that you can turn your government classroom into a hands-on civics lab to teach the workings of government by empowering students. They shared about their Civics Action Project, a project-based learning strategy designed for government classes. According to the CRF: Think of it as a culmination of students’ […]


Futurist Friday: The Encrypted Archive


Here’s a challenge for GLAMS (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums): how can we guarantee the privacy of donors who want certain records to be kept from the public until a certain date? This article in The Economist kicks off with a chilling story of how Boston College was forced by the courts to release tapes by former leaders in the Irish Troubles. The archive had promised the material would not be made public until after the death […]

The Alliance's Center for the Future of Museums

The Great Globe Project: 10.5 Million Piece, 420 ft Wide, 3D Printed Model of Earth


A model of the proposed location of the globe We have seen so many incredible collaborative efforts involving 3D printing over the last couple of years. Desktop 3D printers are limited in that only objects of a certain size are able to be produced in a single piece. Many hobbyists and designers alike tend to get around these limitations by printing larger objects in several pieces. This idea for printing an object in multiple sections […]

Brian Krassenstein

Archimède: Archéologie et histoire ancienne


Archimède: Archéologie et histoire ancienne La revue Archimède. Archéologie et histoire ancienne est une revue liée à l’Unité mixte de recherche 7044 “Archéologie et histoire ancienne : Europe-Méditerranée” (Archimède). Double objectif scientifique :  valoriser les productions et expertises du laboratoire  jouer un rôle dans le paysage international de la recherche en archéologie et en histoire (de la Préhistoire à Byzance, Europe-Méditerranée). Axes structurants : favoriser les interactions disciplinaires encourager les collaborations avec les acteurs de l’archéologie préventive […]

Charles Jones

#NCSS14: Day One, Session One, Coffee, Danish, and Vincennes Lincoln High School


I have everything I need. Caffeine, danish, internet access, power outlet, and 10,000 social studies teachers all in one place. First session? The Digital Journey: 1:1 in Social Studies. In 2009, the Vincennes Lincoln High School Social Studies department  in Vincennes, Indiana began what it called a “digital journey.” I had a chance to hear the group speak several years ago and am curious on how things are going. And to steal all of their great […]


Flying 2014 – New sites photographed


The 2014 AAJ flying season is well and truly behind us, the photograph cataloguing completed, and we can now start to really look and analyse what we have captured. We have been asked “When will the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan project be finished?”. Despite flying annually in Jordan since 1997, AAJ is far from finished and each year we surprise ourselves with all of the sites we haven’t yet photographed as we learn of them, […]

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