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New reviews: 1812 revisited, Kershaw interview, phenomenology and the history of the psyche


We start with the latest installment in our occasional podcast series. Daniel Snowman talks to Professor Sir Ian Kershaw about his forthcoming contribution to the Penguin History of Europe series (no. 1705). Next, following his original piece for us last year, Jasper Trautsch has revised and updated his overview of works on the War of 1812, taking into account a number of new publications (no. 1387). Then we turn to David Carr’s Experience and History: […]


You acted funny tryin’ to spend my money…Bowie on a banknote


Ben Alsop, curator, British Museum If you were to walk down the high streets of a town or city in the UK you would most likely be struck by a sense of the familiar. You could move from shop front to shop front recognising typefaces, colours, window displays and smells as they are wafted out through peculiarly open doors (even in the depths of winter). Where once there was variety, now sit the well-known brands […]


Just a crush? Contamination of archaeological samples by different grinding media


A chert cobble from an archaeological quarry on southern Baffin Island, Canada, was divided and crushed using five different methods: i) agate mortar and pestle, ii) stainless steel shatterbox, iii) tungsten carbide shatterbox, iv) alumina ceramic shatterbox, and v) zirconia ceramic shatterbox. Powders produced by each method were submitted for acid digestion and analysis by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. The trace element results indicate that different crushing media can contribute significant trace element contamination […]

Rachel E. ten Bruggencate

Repurposing content #TBT

“Repurposing content”: write once, publish many time across a range of mediums – this has long been my mantra, and for this #throwbackthursday post I decided to revisit some of the discussions around this theme given a week of exciting meetings and developments (more of that to come…!). This post on the Museum3.0 site, “Repurposing […]


Open Access Archaeology Digest #635


Todays list of Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Notes of Coins, &c., recently discovered in Scotland.http://bit.ly/16uGjBF Notes of the Excavation of a Tumulus, at Auchleven, in the Parish of Premnay, and District of Garioch, Aberdeenshire.http://bit.ly/10BrvhR Exploration of a “Picts’ House,” at Kettleburn, co. Caithnesshttp://bit.ly/131iz87 A pernicious and wicked custom: corporate responses to lock picking in the Scottish town, 1488 -1788http://bit.ly/1222GLa Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


Open Access Journal: Eugesta [Journal on Gender Studies in Antiquity]


[First posted in AWOL 18 December 2011. Updated 17 December 2014] Eugesta [Journal on Gender Studies in Antiquity]   Le recours aux concepts de sexe et de genre développés dans les Gender Studies a considérablement transformé les recherches dans le domaine de l’Antiquité en ouvrant un nouveau champ extrêmement fructueux sur le plan culturel et social. Dans la mesure où elle est à l’origine de conceptions et valeurs auxquelles se réfèrent les constructions d’identités dans […]

Charles Jones

3D Printing Full-Sized Dinosaurs for a Museum — Not a problem for Deep in the Heart Art Foundry


There is something about dinosaurs that is fascinating to just about anyone. Whether it’s the fact that these creatures stood so large for so long and then somehow almost all died off, or just that they’re cool, there’s something about dinosaurs that garners the attention of researchers, archaeologists, and even my 3-year-old nephew. In Texas, a company called Deep in the Heart Art Foundry has been around since 1980. They have taken part in many unique […]

Eddie Krassenstein

African Studies Association Meeting 2014

Faculty and staff from Matrix, History, and Anthropology organized three digital humanities and social sciences sessions at the annual meeting of the African Studies Association in November in Indianapolis.Three dozen scholars attended a pre-conference Digital African Studies workshop. This four-hour event introduced participants to concepts, projects, and digital tools that help academics find new interpretive paths and connections in their courses and research. Presenters included: Walter Hawthorne, Liz Timbs, Ethan Watrall, Dean Rehberger, Peter Alegi, […]


Near term progress in digital numismatics


Looking Back As we close out 2014, we can reflect on a tremendous amount of progress we have made with respect to Nomisma.org and other digital numismatic projects at the American Numismatic Society. Numishare’s front end has been migrated from Cocoon to Orbeon, which will enable a wider variety of current and future web standards, and the user interface was migrated into Bootstrap 3 last spring. The new version of Mantis was launched a few […]

Ethan Gruber

Widespread looting and damage to historical sites in Syria


Four of six major archaeological sites in Syria have been heavily looted and damaged, according to a AAAS analysis of high-resolution satellite images that documents the extent of the destruction. The report analyzes six of the 12 sites that Syria has nominated as World Heritage Sites: Dura Europos, Ebla, Hama’s Waterwheels, Mari, Raqqa, and Ugarit. A forthcoming report will analyze the additional six sites. Overview of six of Syria’s twelve Tentative World Heritage sites. Credit: […]


2014: Top 20 Searches on Europeana


So this year is almost over and now we’re ready to ask – what were you all looking for on Europeana this year? Millions of you from the four the corners of the globe visited Europeana.eu in 2014 to search, browse and share over 36 million historical records from over 2,300 of Europe’s memory institutions… but what were the trends of 2014 and what were you all looking for? We’ve compiled a list of the 20 […]


NEH Program Officer at Annual Meeting


Dr. Sarah Lepinski, Program Officer in the Division of Preservation and Access at the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), will be at the meeting in New Orleans and would be happy to meet with prospective applicants to any NEH funding program  — especially those in Preservation and Access, Digital Humanities, Education, and Research. The link below provides details about setting up an appointment with her. http://www.neh.gov/divisions/preservation/in-the-field/neh-program-officer-sarah-lepinski-attend-2015-joint-annual-meet


Wordless Wednesday: Glamorous Glucose


#wearabletech #diabetes #fashion Follow the link in the photo caption to the associated story. You can find more glimpses of the future (and links) on CFM’s Pinterest Boards. 

The Alliance's Center for the Future of Museums

Open Access Journal: Archivo Español de Arqueología


[First posted in AWOL 31 October 2009. Updated 17 December 2014] Archivo Español de ArqueologíaeISSN: 1988-3110ISSN: 0066-6742 Archivo Español de Arqueología, fundada en 1940 por Antonio García y Bellido como rama especializada de Archivo Español de Arte y Arqueología (1925), es una revista científica de periodicidad anual que publica trabajos de Arqueología, con atención a sus fuentes materiales, literarias, epigráficas o numismáticas. Tiene como campo de interés las culturas del ámbito mediterráneo y europeo desde […]

Charles Jones
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