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Research is Magic: An Interview with Ethnographers Jason Nguyen & Kurt Baer


Jason Nguyen and Kurt Baer, PhD students in the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University, drawn in the style of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” The following is a guest post from Julia Fernandez, this year’s NDIIPP Junior Fellow. Julia has a background in American studies and working with folklife institutions and worked on a range of projects leading up to CurateCamp Digital Culture in July. This is part of a series […]

New Contribution Plugin Available for 2.0


By popular demand, the Omeka team is happy to release a new version of the Contribution plugin for Omeka 2! The new version lets contributors create guest user accounts to better enable multiple contributions. We have also preserved elements from earlier versions of this plugin that allow administrators to configure the form, ask questions of contributors, and for users to contribute anonymously and request that their submissions be kept private. The new Contribution plugin requires […]

Virgil’s Garden: Hortus Virgilianus


Virgil’s Garden: Hortus VirgilianusHolt Parker Vergil’s Garden Hortus Vergilianus Le Jardin de Vergile Il Giardino virgiliano Die Planzenwelt Vergils Vergil’s Garden is an illustrated guide to the plants in Vergil’s Georgics. I plan to expand the site later to include the Eclogues and Aeneid. You can enter and navigate in any number of ways. Click on one of the link below to go to the text of the Georgics. GEORGICA  I GEORGICA  II GEORGICA  III […]

Now available: images from the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Oliverio Toscani, Double Portrait of Andy Warhol, 1974, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Photo © MFAH, © 2012 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / BILDKUNST, Bonn Artstor and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston have released more than 5,000 images from the permanent collection in the Digital Library. The images in this release include works by artists such as Diane Arbus, Alexander Archipenko, Robert Arneson, Uta Barth, George Condo, Delacroix, Dan Graham, William […]

Traditio Classicorum (English Version) : The Fortuna of the Classical Authors to the Year 1650


Traditio Classicorum (English Version) Charles H. Lohr The Fortuna of the Classical Authors to the Year 1650 The following pages contain a bibliography of secondary literature concerning the fortuna of classical authors to the year 1650. The bibliography is arrarranged alphabetically according to the common form, in Latin, of the names of the authors. The Latin form is followed also for Greek and Arabic authors. The term “classical” has in a few cases understood in […]

Now available: More art and architecture from the American Institute of Indian Studies


Dasavatara temple; South jangha, rathikabimba, detail, ca 500-525 CE | Deogarh, Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh, India | Image and original data provided by American Institute of Indian Studies Artstor has launched more than 1,300 additional images of art and architecture in India from The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) in the Digital Library. More than 64,000 images are now available documenting a range of visual traditions from South Asian art, including stone, metal, and terracotta […]

H-Net Commons Quick Start Guides #1


A series of guides from the H-Net Help Desk to get started using the new H-Net Commons. #1: Confirming Your Account Were you subscribed to one of our previous listservs?  If so, an account is waiting for you: login to activate that account if you haven’t done so already. (0)

New Finding Aids and Inventories from ICFA


New Finding Aids and Inventories from ICFAThe Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA), Dumbarton Oaks. The Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA) is pleased to announce the publication of several new finding aids. Check under the “Finding Aids” field in the following collection-level records in our online inventory, AtoM@DO: Christopher B. Donnan and Donna McClelland Moche Archive, 1963-2011 Robert L. Van Nice Fieldwork Records and Papers, ca. 1936-1989 Mildred Barnes and Robert Woods Bliss Correspondence with […]

Open Access Archaeology Digest #510


A nice batch of Open Access (free to read) Archaeology articles: Perspectives on Processes of Culture Change and Cultural Evolution: Some Reflections on Mark Kowta’s Influence The Archaeology of Lincolnshire and Lincoln: Prehistoric Lincolnshire Getting around Theoretical Roadblocks in Cultural Landscape Reconstruction Notice of Remarkable Cists in a Gravel Bank near Kilmartin; and of Incised Sculpturings of Axe Heads, and other Markings on the Stones of the Cists. Early medieval glazed pottery in Holland Learn […]

Art of Devastation: A Web-based Catalogue of First World War Medallic Art


As part of its commemoration of the centennial of the First World War, the American Numismatic Society announces the launch of Art of Devastation ( an important new web-based research catalogue of the thousands of art medals, commemorative medals and tokens produced in response to this major conflict. Directed by Dr. Peter van Alfen, with assistance from Sylvia Karges, Art of Devastation aims to be the first comprehensive catalogue of this abundant and varied material, […]

Support for the Humanities in the Times' Op-Ed Page


Nicholas Kristof speaks up for the humanities (mainly Philosophy) in a digital age. (0)

Call for Nominations


Dear members of the TEI community, The Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI-C) invites nominations for election to the TEI-C Board (4 positions available) and Technical Council (5 positions available).  Following the recent revision of the bylaws, 5 positions are vacant on the Council and 4 positions are available on the TEI-C Board. Nominations for these should be sent to the nomination committee at [email protected] by August 30, 2014.  The elections will take place via electronic voting prior to […]

theolduvaigorge: Late persistence of the Acheulian in southern…


theolduvaigorge: Late persistence of the Acheulian in southern Britain in an MIS 8 interstadial: evidence from Harnham, Wiltshire by M.R. Bates, F.F. Wenban-Smith, S.M. Bello, D.R. Bridgland, L.T. Buck, M.J. Collins, D.H. Keen, J. Leary, S.A. Parfitt K. Penkman, E. Rhodes, C. Ryssaert and J.E. Whittaker “This paper presents evidence of the discovery of a new Middle Pleistocene site in central southern England, with undisturbed evidence of hominin occupation well-dated to an interstadial towards the end of Marine Isotope Stage 8, c. 250,000 BP. The site consists of a preserved […]

Assessing my upcoming seminar on the Illicit Antiquities trade, HIST4805b


So I’m putting together the syllabus for my illicit antiquities seminar. This is where I think I’m going with the course, which starts in less than a month (eep!). The first part is an attempt to revitalize my classroom blogging, and to formally tie it into the discussion within the classroom – that is, something done in advance of class in order to make the classroom discussion richer. In the second term, I want to […] - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy