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New agreement: Photographs of graffiti in New York City and of Ladakh, India by Barbara Anello


Artstor is collaborating with Barbara Anello to share approximately 190 images of graffiti in New York City and 130 of the architecture, arts, and culture of Ladakh, India in the Digital Library. Anello has photographed the domestic architecture of rural areas and ethnic minorities, documenting how traditional building forms have been preserved or lost over time in Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, India, and Indonesia. She has also captured historical sites, traditional earthen architecture, and ancient Roman […]

Keeping up with the 2014 Trends: For Profit For Good


It’s been about 6 months since the Alliance released TrendsWatch 2014, so I’m going to blog a round of updates on each of this year’s six trends. In each of these posts I will recap the trend, report on its overall arc in the first half of this year, recommend a recent article (or video, or maybe even a book) exploring the topic, and list one source (blog, Twitter account, etc.) you can follow for […]

Seminar: Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies: Data and Relations in Greco-Roman Names (SNAP:DRGN)


Digital Classicist London & Institute of Classical Studies Seminar 2014 Sebastian Rahtz (Oxford) & Gabriel Bodard (King’s College London)Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies: Data and Relations in Greco-Roman Names (SNAP:DRGN) Friday August 1st in room G37, Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU (0)

CALL FOR AUTHORS: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Big Data


CALL FOR AUTHORS: The Sage Encyclopedia of Big Data Hello, We are inviting academic contributors to the SAGE Encyclopedia of Big Data, a multivolume reference work to be published by SAGE Reference in 2016. (0)

advice on non-Unicode Canopus Greek Font

Greetings friends! I’ve come into possession of a big batch of PDF files containing non-Unicode Greek texts that I’d like to salvage programmatically. I suspect we’ll end up using Hugh Cayless’ Transcoder software to convert to Unicode, but that presupposes we understand the encoding of the original. Before launching into figuring that out by hand, I thought I’d ask here if anyone has ever dealt with Unicode conversion of the “Canopus” Greek font (specifically, the […]

Art is Long, Life is Short: the XFR Collective Helps Artists Preserve Magnetic and Digital Works


XFR STN (“Transfer Station”) is a grass-roots digitization and digital-preservation project that arose as a response from the New York arts community to rescue creative works off of aging or obsolete audiovisual formats and media. The digital files are stored by the Library of Congress’s NDIIPP partner the Internet Archive and accessible for free online. At the recent Digital Preservation 2014 conference, the NDSA gave XFR STN the NDSA Innovation Award. Last month, members of the XFR collective […]

Digital History in Zurich and elsewhere

For a Workshop about Digital History held on May 13, 2014 at the University in Zurich, reports are now available, notably on HSozKult (in German). Here an English short cut: In re-drafting scientific history, digital media and tools have high potentials. But they bring also many questions with them. The workshop discussed mainly conditions and epistemological consequences for Digital History (please see my posts tagged Episteme to this). Young researchers presented arguments for and against the use of digital sources and discussed […]

New translations, papers and upgrades to AIO launched

Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) and EAGLE are delighted to announce the launch, on Tuesday 29th July, of a package of new English translations, supporting papers and upgrades to AIO: 1. 153 new translations (by Stephen Lambert, P. J. Rhodes, Feyo Schuddeboom and Lina van’t Wout). A. From the late-5th cent. BC: (a) sacrificial calendar of Thorikos (b) Athenian decree on the administration of the property of Kodros, Neleus and Basile (IG I3 84) (b) accounts […]

Open Access Journal: Zephyrus


ZephyrusISSN: 0514-7336 ZEPHYRVS es una Revista científica internacional de PREHISTORIA y ARQUEOLOGÍA, editada por la Universidad de Salamanca. ZEPHYRVS aparece semestralmente. Las secciones de ARTÍCULOS, VARIA y NOTAS CRÍTICAS/RESEÑAS publican, respectivamente, trabajos originales de investigación, informaciones científicas novedosas o hallazgos importantes, producidos en diversas partes del mundo, y estados de la cuestión o recensiones de monografías de calidad, seleccionadas entre aquellas obras recibidas en la Redacción de la Revista. 2014 Vol. 73 (2014) 2013 Vol. […]

How the Rijksmuseum opened up its collection – a case study

By Joris Pekel, Community Coordinator Cultural Heritage Theehuis in de buitenlucht in Fukuroi, Hiroshige (I) , Utagawa, Takenouchi. In or after 1833 (public domain). If you regularly read the Europeana Pro blog, you have probably already heard of the open access policy of the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands. Europeana has, alongside other organisations and initiatives, worked with the museum since 2011 to make their public domain collection available online without restrictions. This has resulted in […]

Marine Digimap: New Data, New Downloader


Marine Digimap has updated datasets in its brand new Marine Download facility.  The new interface provides a single place to get both Hydrospatial data and charts. The Hydrospatial data is now the newer Hydrospatial One dataset from SeaZone which also provides access to much higher resolution gridded bathymetry data, one arc second instead of six.  The Charted Raster dataset has been replaced with Hydroview Charts; these are still the same scanned Admiralty Charts though they […]

Attic Inscriptions Online w/ responsive redesign.

With the usual apologies for cross-posting and an additional request. I’dbe very grateful to hear from any of you with bugs or issues that you mightcome across when using AIO. I can test with only one or two of the hundredsof devices which might use the site and browser dev tools are only reliableup to a point. – FMcC [...] (0)

New Asia-Pacific Conference Papers Posted


Today the Museum of Underwater Archaeology releases the third of four sets of papers from the proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage. 20 papers and 4 videos or written interviews by session organizers describe the various sessions and concerns faced in the field. Today’s sessions include: Session 9: History and Current […] (0)

Tech talk: Bertie Watkins, director, CoLab Theatre


The theatre company director on using augmented reality and geolocation to take an immersive spy story to the next level EMF – the Forum of e-Excellence’s insight: Why can’t the audience be actors? How immersive theatre uses augmented reality and – Google translator! See it on, via eMuseums Eye (0) - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy