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LoCloud is a Best Practice Network of 32 partners, co-funded under the CIP ICT-PSP Programme of the [...]

More and more of us are moving to tools such as Google Apps for Educators, Chromebooks, and mobile d [...]

(3) metadata entry Contribution: Susanne Uhlirz Name: Susanne Uhlirz URL: link to the original post [...]

Benjamin ŠTULAR (Institute of archaeology, Slovene Academy of Science and Arts, Slovenia) Purpose: U [...]

Alexander A. MALAFEEV (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia) Stormy developme [...]

Andrey V. BIRIUKOV, Michail A. RODIONOV (Samara Branch of Higher School of Privatization and Enterpr [...]

Vladimir I. IONESOV / Natalia G. LEVINA (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia [...]

Vladimir I. IONESOV (Samara Branch of Moscow State University of Service, Russia) The Bronze Age was [...]

Chair: Masha VUKANOVIC, Serbia Finding, processing and preserving cultural heritage could be seen as [...]

Anatoly V. MALAFEEV / Galina I. ZABOLOTNI / Vladimir I. IONESOV (Samara Branch of Moscow State Unive [...]

Mohamed EL AMROUSI (United Arab Emirates University) Museums as architectural manifestations of elit [...]

Learn about Heather Dewey-Hagborg’sStranger Visions (2) metadata entry Contribution: The Alliance [...]

This post is by Sarah McSeveny-Åril, senior advisor digital cultural heritage at the Arts Council Eu [...]

The show was awash in quick, smart wisecracks, not to mention cultural references that ran the gamut [...]

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Definitive Oral History of a TV Masterpiece


The show was awash in quick, smart wisecracks, not to mention cultural references that ran the gamut from Zsa Zsa Gabor to Miles Davis to Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp. Watching MST3K was like hanging out with a trio of underachieving-­genius best friends. At a time when depictions of geekery were limited mostly to Urkel [...]

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Cultural heritage and some benefits of reflexivity



After the events of 1989, frequently presented as a clean break with the communist past, the understanding of cultural heritage in Romania has not changed much, despite new legislation and new technologies. A group of experts, authorized by the state, takes care of it for the benefit of its presumed owners, who [...]

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Archaeology and Medieval Monuments in Romania

Adrian Andrei RUSU

(Institute of Archaeology and Art History of the Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

This exposal tries to synthesize the stage of investigation of the medieval patrimony from Romania. The transition to the European treatment of archaeology of monuments was dominated by the lack or slowness input of protection legislation, the necessities of the [...]

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A medieval house in an European city – archaeological research and renewal of old traces


(National Museum Brukenthal, Romania)

During the years 2003-2005, SC Clio Consult SRL executed a few archaeological researches in the old perimeter of the city of Sibiu – Romania, which led to the appearance of some old, even unknown items and making them more familiar to the wider public. The present paper is concerned [...]

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Forensic archaeology. A case of study from Sarmizegetusa regia

Marius-Mihai CIUTA

(The Police Inspectorate of Alba County, Alba Julia, Romania)

The present paper deal with the results of a forensic experiment realized in an archaeological site: Sarmizegetusa Regia, the center of the Dacian Kingdom (I BC – I A.C. century), who belong to the UNESCO list of the world cultural heritage monuments. Unfortunately, the [...]

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Protecting the archaeological mining heritage of Romania: The Bucium valley project


(Muzeul National al Unirii, Alba Julia, Romania)

Old mine sites are an integral part of Romania’s cultural heritage and thus should be treated with the same respect as the other remaining features of Europe’s past. Rather than destroying mining features, their preservation offers opportunities for education, appreciation and cultural tourism. In my presentation, [...]

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Bulgaria’s Cultural Heritage – Preservation and Prospects for Development


(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Bulgaria possess many monuments of cultural and historical value from different periods and especially from the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. There are discovered more and more interesting administrative and economic centres, sanctuaries and shrines, mounds etc. dating back from the Thracian antiquity. From the roman provinces there are studied the [...]

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The Virtual Restoration of the Princely Court of Targsoru Vechi, Prahova county, a Monument of Mediaeval Architecture from the End of the 14th and the Beginning of the 15th Century


(Prahova District Museum of History and Archaeology, Ploiesti, Romania)

Our paper is proposing the use of modern technologies to the purpose of turning to the best account the information offered by the archaeological research of the ruins of the Princely Court of Targsoru Vechi, whose construction was initiated by [...]

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Preservation of the archaeological heritage at the new eastern EU’s borders. A case study: Romania and the Republic of Moldova


(“Ion Creanga” State University, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

This paper outlines the legal framework of the archaeological heritage preservation in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. I will comment on and compare national laws with the European Convention for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage and EU regulations, in order to present the realities [...]

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Bulgaria and Romania: “Welcome to the European Union!” – Towards New Horizons in Cultural Heritage Protection

Chair: Friedrich SCHIPPER, Austria

Illegal excavations of important archaeological sites, the looting of ancient cultural sites and robbing artifacts from churches and museums take place all over the world. Scientific investigation of, the conservation of and the public access to our common cultural heritage is increasingly endangered. The turnover of illicit trade in cultural assets [...]


What is wrong with the Article Processing Charges market?

Article Processing Charges (APC) are fees paid by the author, usually with grant money, for publishing Open Access content. Recently, they were a really hot topic, mostly due to the publication of raw data concerning spending by the Wellcome Trust.

Data has shown that the average price per article, paid by this organization, which is [...]