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The 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences


Jinan, China, 23-29 August 2015 The International Congress of Historical Science started in 1900. It is held every five years and has already been held 21 times since the original congress. Being the most influential academic activity of historical science, it enjoys a reputation of “Olympics of historians”. Continue reading →


Digital Library at The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies


[First posted in AWOL 5 October 2010. Updated 24 November 2014] The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies Since its founding by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, and for a period of over 600 years, Alexandria was the cultural capital of the world, especially during the Ptolemaic period. The Hellenistic period – specifically in Alexandria but also throughout the Mediterranean – witnessed many achievements and contributions in all fields of knowledge that have greatly added […]

Charles Jones

The Visual Heritage Project


http://visualheritageproject.weebly.com/ The Visual Heritage Project is an initiative to increase documentation on at-risk archaeological sites through crowd sourcing image collection. The Project takes an innovative approach to delivering this end by harnessing public data from social media and archival records. Through pairing these images, the Project provides a virtual tour of the development and preservation of the sites. We welcome you to begin exploring.   The Project went live in 2014, and has since been actively […]


Three Thoughts on the ASOR Annual Meeting


I spent two, busy days at the American Schools of Oriental Research annual meeting last week. It was great to catch up with old friends and spend some time surveying both recent trends in our field and the state of academic conference.  1. Ban Archaeological Site Reports as Conference Papers. I enjoyed most of the papers that I heard last week and invariably learned something from even the most tedious. This is a good thing. […]

Bill Caraher


Pisa chosen as seat for the International Conference “Cultural Heritage: Recalibrating Relationships”. On occasion of the Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union, the international consortium RICHES has chosen Pisa as seat for its important conference, being held at the Museum of Graphics of Palazzo Lanfranchi on 4-5 December 2014. The event is organised by RICHES Italian partner Promoter Srl with the support of: Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Tuscany Region, Municipality of […]

Claudia Pierotti

CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES: Workshop on User Requirements


Valletta, 25-27 November 2014 An interesting Workshop will be hosted by the LIAS Department of the University of Malta as a combination of representatives of the CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project* with other representatives of the community mostly from the local cultural heritage scene. The aim of the … Continue reading →


Vatican Museums 3D cinema experience – Telegraph


With a new 3D film of the Vatican museums, you can examine the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel from the comfort of your cinema seat. Peter Stanford, former editor of the Catholic Herald, explains See it on Scoop.it, via eMuseums Eye

The eCultObservatory

The adjunct crisis and archaeology


Depending on your sources, between 49 and 66% of all college professors are adjuncts. Full-time, untenured faculty composes 19 percent of professors, which means, at most, only a third of professors are on the tenure track. As a PhD student, I’ve been steadily encouraged to keep up hope about becoming a tenure-track professor; assured that […]


"Get me off your f_____ mailing list!"


I’m sure we have all had this sentiment, given the increase in garbage emails inviting us to attend bogus conferences and publish in bogus journals. Fed up with this, two authors created a paper that consists primarily of the phrase “Get me off your f_____ mailing list,” repeated several hundred times. They submitted it to the journal, International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, whose editor accepted the paper!! This is hilarious. See the nice discussion […]

Michael E. Smith

Open Access Archaeology Digest #611


Open Access (free to read) articles: Chambered Cairns near Kilfinan, Argyll.http://bit.ly/1204xTF Notes and Queries on the Custom of Gavelkind in Kent, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.http://bit.ly/14DKnSU Nonsuch Palacehttp://bit.ly/16zWpOu Learn more about Open Access and Archaeology at: http://bit.ly/YHuyFK


A study day in honor of Prof. Franco Ugo Rollo


Next week, on November 26, will be held a study day in honor of Prof. Franco Ugo Rollo, the famous anthropologist at the University of Camerino who sadly left us this year. I have been invited to participate in the event, which will take place in Ascoli Piceno and Monsampolo del Tronto, where the Professor analyzed the mummy which are now exposed in the Museum of the Crypt of the S. Mary Church. During the […]

Luca Bezzi

Amazing styling in QGIS 2.6


Since QGIS 2.6 was released with a lot of new features and functions I’ve been testing it sporadic and have come to realise that the quality and functionality of symbol styling and labelling is so high that ESRI ArcMap no longer can match it. Honestly I haven’t tested the 10.3 version of ArcMap, so my experience is based on previous versions. Here I’ll use an example to highlight some of the extensive possibilities offered in […]

Klas Karlsson

Open Access Journal: Rivista di Diritto Romano


[First posted in AWOL 6 November 2009. Updated 23 November 2014] Rivista di Diritto RomanoISSN 1720-3694 Qualcuno potrebbe chiedersi se, in presenza di numerosi e autorevoli periodici di diritto romano e diritti dell’antichità pubblicati anche e soprattutto in Italia, fosse proprio il caso di metterne in cantiere uno nuovo: se fosse un lettore tendenzialmente benevolo e animato da incrollabile fiducia nel principio della concorrenza, potrebbe forse dare risposta positiva affermando che l’ingresso di un nuovo […]

Charles Jones

#NCSS14: Four Sweet Strategies – Reading & Writing in the Elementary Classroom


This morning, Deb Brown and I presented a workshop on different strategies elementary teachers can use in their classrooms. We had a great time! If you’re interested, we put all of the goodies in a Dropbox folder. You can get the goodies here. Quick agenda? Pathway strategies including questioning and graphic organizers such as POSERS Three Stage Media Analysis Collaborative document analysis using Padlet Product creation using Our Story We also looked at a variety of different […]

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