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Love That Adrenaline Rush?

As I got closer, I saw a pit bull and a white german shepard. I stopped, opened the window, made the kissing sound, and the pit and shepard came galloping over, with the pit climbing up on the side of the car trying to get into the window. They stopped, I explained what was happening, and the pit started to go up to the patrol car and try to lick the officer! As all this was happening, I had to tell someone! You could tell she was VERY friendly. I got out my cell and dialed 911. Just as I was explaining the situation, I said, oh never mind, two patrol cars are just coming toward me! Whatever, its just plain hot and sticky out there. But as usual, there is nothing they can do for the, and animal control doesn’t come on until 7 am. Unfortunately, when you surrender an animal to another rescue group, you don’t get much information on them afterwards.

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